2020 Fellowship Nomination and Election Guidelines

The Academy of the Social Sciences comprises social scientists in Australia who have achieved distinction in one or more branches of the social sciences. Such distinction is not restricted to social scientists holding academic posts and includes practitioners who have made a distinguished contribution to public policy or society. Fellows are recognised nationally and internationally for their very high level of distinction.

Election to the Academy is normally for social scientists who hold Australian citizenship or permanent resident status and hold an appointment in Australia. It is the intention of the Academy that an individual is nominated for Fellowship in recognition of a significant contribution they have made to the social sciences in Australia.

The Academy is currently accepting nominations for Fellowship in 2020.

The Academy actively encourages the nomination of female scholars, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander scholars, and practitioners holding non-academic posts who have made a distinguished contribution to public policy, society and/or the advancement of the social sciences.

Nomination Forms and Guidelines

The following forms and guidelines are intended to assist Fellows who are proposing or seconding nominations for new Fellows.

2020 Fellowship Nomination Form

2020 Fellowship Nomination Procedures

2020 Guidelines for Referees

2020 Statement Seeking Agreement for the Nomination to Proceed

Nominations close on 30 November 2019 and should be submitted to Michelle Bruce, Fellowship Manager (michelle.bruce@socialsciences.org.au)

Election Timeline