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2021 is the fourth year Social Sciences Week has been held. The event began as a way of introducing the wider public to the Social Sciences, and uniting speakers from the breadth of disciplines covered by the Social Sciences. It was started by Associate Professor Dan Woodman, who remains chair of the event committee.

Each year Social Sciences Week has grown in size – 70 events were held in 2019 and despite the challenges of running an event during the global pandemic, we seized the opportunity to go digital in 2020 with the majority of our events live streamed or available online in real time and (often) after the event. We expect Social Sciences Week to grow again in 2021 with a combination of in-person, online and hybrid events.

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The Social Sciences have shaped our nation. Social Sciences Week is an opportunity for the public to hear from Australia’s leading experts on issues which help us understand humanity, society and the institutions which govern our daily lives.

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