Albury City from the Ground up

Ahead of the forthcoming 75th anniversary of the proclamation of Albury as a City, Associate Professor Bruce Pennay, from Charles Sturt University, presents a short, richly illustrated historical overview of how Albury has been imagined, planned, represented and experienced from the town’s beginnings to the present day. Bruce tracks the influence of a select few town and city dreamers who shaped the fortunes and feel of the place. He looks to and beyond a sequence of physical structures which have fashioned the city from the ground up over a wide span of years to depict major shifts in the economic and social character of Albury. He unravels some of the ways people have made their own sense of the place. This is a retrospect that not only retraces, but also looks anew at earlier stories of the advantage and awkwardness of being a crossing place. It traces the story of Albury as an urban centre from a twinkle in a colonial governor’s eye to a major regional centre braced with Wodonga and on the cusp of a five-government Regional Deal. The session asks where Albury has been, where it is, and where it is going.

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