Anthropology Day – Melbourne

The anthropology departments/disciplines of Deakin, Latrobe, Melbourne, and Monash universities will come together to promote the discipline of anthropology.

Anthropology Day is a free event for Year 12 and FE students, and for teachers, careers advisers and parents.

Students can explore career paths with anthropology, compare undergraduate courses at all the university stalls, gain tips on university admission and interact with students who are currently studying anthropology.

Melbourne Program

10:00 The future

Anthropologists are now joining artists and scientists to speculate about what life might or could be like in the near future.

Eben Kirksey, Deakin University

10:15 Welcome to Anthropology Day!

Following a ‘Welcome to Country’ by a Wurundjeri elder, Nick Herriman (Latrobe University) will explain the day’s schedule while highlighting essential details of the event. Then a panel of scholars from the sponsoring universities will share insights on why Anthropology is an intriguing and essential discipline for the 21st century.

Monica Minnegal (Melbourne), Julian Millie (Monash), Rohan Bastin (Deakin), Helen Lee (Latrobe)

11:00 Indigenous Australia in 3D

The “The Monash Country Lines Archive” uses the latest 3D animation technology to bring to life indigenous stories and languages.

John Bradley, Monash University

11:30 Life at university

Students from a second-year ethnographic methods class share insights from their semester-long collaborative research project exploring life on campus.

Debra McDougall, University of Melbourne

12:00 Australian-Indonesian Youth Dance Performance

‘Belonging – A Dancer’s Perspective’ is a YouTube documentary about Alfira O’Sullivan, a young female Australian-Indonesian dancer. Alfira and other Australian-Indonesian youth express who they are, their mix of cultural identities and sense of belonging through dance performance.

Monika Winarnita, Latrobe University

12:30 Dumpster Divers

Along with grassroots activists, homeless residents, and chapters of Food Not Bombs, dumpster divers form a global movement of grassroots soup kitchens in Melbourne, Seattle, and other cities.

David Giles, Deakin University

13:00 Wayfinding: a photoethnography of indigenous migration

Wayfinding is a documentary project using words and images to reveal the lives and lifeworlds of young indigenous migrants travelling from the faraway Northeastern frontier to the expanding cities of South India.

Dolly Kikon, University of Melbourne

13:30 Living with Tibetan Nomads

Locho, his wife Yama, and their infant daughter live in high-altitude grasslands by herding yak, much as their ancestors have for generations. In recent years, however, nomadic life has become increasingly difficult and now many nomads are settling in town. Summer Pasture, a documentary film by Lynn True, Nelson Walker & Tsering Perlo, reveals the difficult choices they must face.

Gillian Tan, Deakin University

14:00 Closing

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  • Start Date
    September 13, 2018 10:00 AM
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    September 13, 2018 2:00 PM
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    Village Roadshow Theatrette, State Library of Victoria Conference Centre 179 La Trobe Street Melbourne, VIC 3000