Black Lives Matter at the University of Melbourne

A panel exploring how we can best translate the demands of the Black Lives Matter movement into longlasting meaningful change at the University of Melbourne.

About this Event

‘Black Lives Matter’ (BLM) has been at the forefront of highlighting how white supremacy and anti-Black racism are reproduced around the world in painfully similar ways. This global movement has called for society and its institutions to be significantly restructured.

While de-funding the police and reforming the criminal justice system remain at the centre of this struggle, BLM also demands that other institutions, including universities, work more actively to undo ongoing complicity in structures and practices of white supremacy and instead create spaces for Bla(c)k flourishing.

Many high-profile universities in the US and UK have moved quickly to issue statements of solidarity with BLM followed by planned structural changes, revised curricula, increased hiring targets, and enhanced support for staff and students of colour. However, universities in Australia have been significantly slower to respond.

How can those of us at the University of Melbourne take up these challenges and ensure that rethinking our history, privilege, blindness, and ongoing violence moves beyond mere tokenism? While statements of solidarity are important, they are not enough. This panel brings together sociologists, anthropologists, geographers, and artists to debate how we can best translate the demands of BLM into long-lasting meaningful change at the University of Melbourne.


  • Karen Farquharson
  • Professor Marcia Langton AO
  • Nikki Moodie
  • Ghassan Hage
  • Yadira Perez Hazel
  • Dale Wandin
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