Book Launch: Constitutional Reform as Remedy for Political Disenchantment

In this Zoom webinar, former Liberal Party leader and federal Leader of the Opposition, Dr John Hewson, will launch Constitutional Reform as a Remedy for Political Disenchantment in Australia – The Discussion We Need, by Dr Bede Harris, Senior Lecturer in Law at Charles Sturt University. Bede argues that the disenchantment that opinion polls show Australians feel in relation to politics is a product of defects in the Constitution, and that only comprehensive constitutional reform can restore faith in the institutions of government. The book also argues that the notorious resistance by voters to constitutional change creates the paradox that they are unwilling to change the system which is the source of their discontent, and that this necessitates reform of our civics education. Zoom webinar attendees will be able to will be able to ask questions via the chat box function after the presentations by Dr Hewson and Dr Harris.

Event Details
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