Cities After the Coronavirus Pandemic

Cities have been severely affected by the COVID-19 pandemic: CBDs have become ghost towns, entertainment venues are on life support, and epidemiological fears have made normal activities like riding on public transit or going to the cinema fraught choices. This panel examines what cities will be like when the pandemic is over. Will remote work dominate and many people will flock to suburbs and even regional or rural areas? Will social trust and neighbourliness diminish as new waves of viruses hit densely populated areas the hardest? Will Australian cities become less diverse as immigration becomes more difficult? Will home prices rise even higher as many—fearful of endless lockdowns—seek to combine work, living, education, and recreation under one roof? Please join us to consider these questions and more.


Alison Young, Professor of Criminology, University of Melbourne

Liz Taylor, Senior Lecturer in Urban Planning, Monash University

Kate Raynor, Research Fellow in Urban Planning, University of Melbourne

Max Holleran, Research Fellow in Sociology, University of Melbourne

David Nichols, Associate Professor of Urban Planning, University of Melbourne

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