Collections from the lunatic asylum: Past lives; present tense.

There will be three short presentations connected with the exhibition: Collections from the lunatic asylum:

1) Eileen Clark will outline the economic benefits of the asylum to the Beechworth community from the early days through to the present. These include the provision of goods and services from the town to the asylum, employment opportunities, and more recently, tourism, with visits from people interested in the history of the asylum and its patients.

2) Dr Alison Watts will discuss ‘The Open Door’ magazine produced by staff and patients at Mayday Hills psychiatric hospital, located in Beechworth, Victoria. The consumption of patient magazines were intended to distract patients from their worries, provide some entertainment and relief from the monotony of their daily lives within the institution.

3) Associate Professor Jenni Munday will take a short tour around the exhibition and put the various ‘collections’ into context.

Find out more about the launch here, and read about the exhibition here.

Event Details
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