Conspiracy theories, US Elections and the future ahead

In 331 BC, Ancient Rome was facing a pandemic with a number of sudden deaths. Rather than turning to the obvious and logical explanation, a conspiracy emerged that direct blame towards a group of women who were poisoning men with the aim of undermining the Republic. Today, overwhelmed by a global pandemic, conspiracy theories again abound: from 5G to secret USA and Chinese military experiments, and Bill Gates. In the USA, QAnon has emerged as a far-right conspiracy theory and loosely organized network centred around the belief that the U.S. is controlled by a cabal of child sex trafficking, Democratic elites including by Dr. Anthony Fauci who has manufactured the coronavirus, all with the aim of bringing down President Trump. In this discussion, conspiracy theory analyst Associate Professor Chris Fleming, will join Prof. James Arvanitakis, who has just returned from a 12 month Fulbright Fellowship in the USA.

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