COVID-19 & Digital Disruption

Imagine if we had to live through the physical isolation of a global pandemic without the internet and digital media – without Zoom, TikTok, FaceTime, Netflix, YouTube, or online learning. Digital media have allowed us to carry on in many ways – to stay connected, to be entertained, and to keep learning. But what are the costs? What are the limitations? What are the opportunities?

The use of digital media during the pandemic has refreshed concerns around privacy, the kinds of interactions we can have, and the normalisation of blurred boundaries – between work, leisure, family, and social worlds, all from the same couch.

COVID-19 has upended and disrupted social arrangements in significant and enduring ways, exacerbating some existing issues, creating new ones, but also providing new opportunities. What is the role of the digital in the context of these disruptions? We bring together leading researchers to discuss.

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