Critical Race Theory: Transforming Knowledge in the Australian Social Sciences and Humanities

A 2021 Social Sciences Week event from the Borders and Diversity Research Program of the Institute for Culture and Society at Western Sydney University, this virtual panel discussion on Critical Race Theory in the social sciences and humanities features leading Australian critical race scholars Alana Lentin (WSU), Aileen-Moreton Robinson (RMIT), Debbie Bargallie (Griffith), Sherene Idriss (Deakin) and Andrew Brooks (UNSW).

Critical Race Theory (CRT) has had high profile media attention in both the US and Australia this year, with Sky News, the Daily Telegraph and the Australian echoing calls from the US to ‘ban’ CRT. The Senate passed a motion to ‘reject’ CRT in the national curriculum.  Beyond this moral panic, Australian social science and humanities scholars are yet to fully grapple with how critical race perspectives potentially challenge and transform disciplinary and interdisciplinary knowledges in a settler colonial context. This panel, scheduled to align with the national 2021 Social Sciences Week programming, will engage in these debates in a vibrant panel discussion with leading Australia researchers from across the humanities and social sciences. 

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