Emotion Inequality in Pandemic Australia

During the pandemic, we have frequently been told that we are ‘all in this together’. Yet, experiences of the pandemic have varied markedly.

About this event

From older Australians, homeless people, and frontline healthcare professionals to highly policed communities, the precariously employed, and victims of domestic violence, some in the community have suffered disproportionately.

The accelerated spread of COVID-19 in already disadvantaged areas has profound consequences for our physical health. But the emotional toll of the pandemic has also been distributed highly unevenly across persons and communities. It is these emotional impacts and their likely legacy beyond the present that are the focus of this event. Specifically, this webinar will map the emotional contours and costs of COVID-19, including various forms of suffering and solidarity, as well as the impacts of government efforts to contain the virus.


This event is a collaboration between The University of Sydney’s Sydney Centre for Healthy Societies and School of Social and Political Sciences; and The Australian Sociological Association.

Chair: Professor Alex Broom


  1. Dr Michelle Peterie(USYD) Inequality and emotion
  2. Dr Leah Williams Veazey(USYD) Healthcare workers’ experiences
  3. Dr Barbara Barbosa Neves(Monash) Loneliness and the pandemic, in later life
  4. Professor Cameron Parsell (UQ) Housing and homelessness during the pandemic
  5. Dr Sukhmani Khorana(WSU) Race(ism) and bordering during the pandemic
  6. Dr Michael Richardson(UNSW) Surveillance and policing during the pandemic
  7. Professor Gaby Ramia (USYD) Social policy during the pandemic

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