From Bailouts to Basic Income?

What are the lessons of ad hoc policy experiments and the way forward to an economic security agenda in a post-pandemic world?

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COVID-19 was a shock that overwhelmed the economic and social security systems of many countries. Governments around the world were forced to implement emergency policy measures to reduce the carnage caused by the pandemic. From wage subsidies to universal childcare, flexible work arrangements, and quasi-basic incomes, these dramatic interventions changed lives. But most have been quickly wound back or axed entirely. Social scientists can draw out the lessons from these ad hoc policy experiments to chart a way towards an economic security agenda for a post-pandemic world.


  • Ms Maiy Azize (Deputy Director, Anglicare, Canberra)
  • Dr Sarath Davala (Chair, Basic Income Earth Network, India)
  • Dr Elise Klein OAM (Co-Director Australian Basic Income Lab & Australian National University, Canberra)


Dr Troy Henderson (Co-Director Australian Basic Income Lab & University of Sydney)

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