Gender and Political Leadership in Australia

Ahead of their forthcoming book Gender and Political Leadership in Australia, the panellists will explore the role that gender identities, gender politics and gendered power relationships play in shaping political leadership in this country.

Drawing from research in history, political science, media studies and gender studies, the panellists argue that gender politics permeate Australia’s political leadership.  It is present in who represents us in Parliament, in how they present themselves and are represented by the media and others, in what issues come to dominate the political agenda, and in the political climate of Australia’s leadership culture.

Monash University Panel 
A/Prof Katrina Lee-Koo, Politics and International Relations
Dr Zareh Ghazarian, Senior Lecturer School of Social Sciences
Professor James Walter, Emeritus Professor, Politics and International Relations
Dr Stephanie Brookes, Senior Lecturer, Journalism

Prof Sharman Stone, Professor Politics and International Relations

Event Details
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