Health Communication and Society: Update on Social Research on Health, Mental Health and Communication

Chair: Professor Rob Cover (UWA and RMIT University)

Health communication, and its social impact, has in recent years become more complex than ever before, due to a number of factors, including both the shift to a digital culture, the ready availability online of competing and sometimes dangerous health information, the rise of a new form of fraudster using the mode of the health blogger, and a populist anti-expert movement that problematically encourages an adversarial stand against traditional expert medical processes and health research.
How, as researchers and practitioners, are we responding to these problems and disruptions? In what ways can we think about health, mental health and related issues from social perspectives, and how do social approaches help us find solutions for some of the most urgent and wicked problems we are facing today?
Brief talks by a range of researchers will introduce and discuss some of the key issues for health communication and social research into health, mental health and wellbeing for the 2020s. This will be followed by a general discussion.
This event will be of interest to health service providers, policy personnel, scholars, postgraduates in health, social sciences, media, communication and culture and others.

Sandra Carr – Educating the next generation of health professionals
Brenda McGivern – Communicating health issues in a legal and risk setting, clinical ethics
Brid Phillips – Humanities, emotions and health
Sam Han – Health information, wellness discourses and YouTube
Rob Cover – Health communication trends in Australia

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