Institutional Ethnography: Connecting the dots between personal crises and systematic injustices

Join us with international Guest speaker A/Prof Naomi Nichols, followed by Q&A about using institutional ethnography for positive social change 

From Associate Professor Naomi Nichols:
“Most of my research has emerged from the problems young people experience in their everyday lives. For the young people I work with, these problems can become crises – crisis of confidence in public institutions and the state, as well as tangible threats to their wellbeing and survival: opioid poisonings; homelessness; racial disparity in police violence, poverty and health outcomes; and a growing economic divide between rich and poor. The global pandemic has brought these slow-burning crises squarely into view. Drawing on concrete examples from more than a decade of community-based and participatory Institutional Ethnography (IE), I will show how IE can be used to connect the dots between localized experiences and the broader social and political-economic relations behind the seemingly personal crises people describe.”

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