Issues of Social Justice in 2021: Elder Abuse – How Can We Combat This Seldom-Discussed Tragedy?

Elderly individuals are often among most vulnerable in many communities. Tragically, older people are sometimes the targets of abuse. From a social perspective the elderly constitute a diverse category because they represent a complete cross-section of society: they are women and men, rich and poor, Indigenous and non-Indigenous, rural and urban, not to mention that they are of all political stripes, religions, etc. Their abuse, therefore, constitutes a unique position in society and requires a unique lens for understanding and addressing it. Further, although the abuse of older persons impacts many, the topic of elder abuse in the public eye tends to take a backseat to other forms of abuse.

Why is this? And what can be done to bring the problem to more prominent attention and, more importantly, to combat this abuse itself? This session seeks to stake out some starting points. In a Q&A format, the session will bring together experts Shaun McCarthy, Dr Tamara Blakemore and Phillip Hogan from a range of disciplines  to discuss the social location of elder abuse, its causes and possible ways to combat it.

Event Details
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