Media Representations of Race and the Pandemic

Episode 3 of the Race in Society ‘Race and Covid’ 7-part web series looks at Media Representations of Race and the Pandemic. Mainstream media create sensationalist accounts that spread moral panics about racialised people. The panelists were asked to address how Aboriginal community controlled health organisations were combating media stereotyping of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and how the history of Sinophobia in Australia can help us understand the current surge in anti-Chinese racism in the context of the government’s targeting of Australians of Chinese descent during Covid-19.

‘Media Representations of Race and the Pandemic’ will be broadcast and available to view on Youtube on Friday 11 September.

Race in Society is a new, fortnightly YouTube series that will focus on timely issues and themes of racial justice. Race in Society begins with the premise that race is a key organising principle in society and a technique of governance which reproduces inequality. We also accept, and will unpack, how racial discrimination is a core feature of institutions and social relations. We will explore the institutionalisation of race and racism in health, policy, media, the law, the economy, and beyond. Our series will feature Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander critical race scholars, service providers and practitioners, along with other non-Indigenous people of colour who research and work in organisations addressing racial justice. Our first seven episodes explore race and the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Your hosts are Associate Professor Alana Lentin and Dr Zuleyka Zevallos, two sociologists who have been researching race and racism for many years. See Alana’s research and connect with her on Twitter @alanalentin. See Zuleyka’s research and connect with her on Twitter @OtherSociology.

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