My School, Your School, Our Schools: A Sociology of Education Summit

Thursday 12 September 2019
University of Technology, Sydney

My School Conference program

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Taking the forthcoming ten-year anniversary of the My School website as a starting point this one day summit will focus on broader themes associated with education wherever it is happening, such as:
• The purpose and repurposing of schooling, early childhood education and care, and higher education
• The shifts in focus from common systems to individualised choice
• The expansion of school choice
• The corporatisation of education, including the growth of edu-business and private tutoring
• The use/abuse of standardised testing in education
• Education and social mobility and social reproduction
• Equity and Inequity associated with class, race/ethnicity, gender, ableness, sexuality, geography
The summit will include a keynote and forum focused on what we have learned from ten years of My School and how My School has (re)shaped the way we view education, contributing to current debates about the future of education policy and schooling practices.

For more information about the event, contact the organisers at or or Kellie Bousfield

Event sponsors: The Australian Sociological Association, University of Technology Sydney & University of Western Australia