Policing the COVID-19 Pandemic

In this presentation we will talk about our COVID-19 research. Our research focuses on Australians’ perceptions of authority during the pandemic; specifically, the government’s handling of the pandemic response, as well as the way police have enforced the COVID-19 restrictions.

Our research demonstrates the value that social science offers for understanding people’s behaviour during the pandemic. Until a vaccine is found, our success in keeping COVID-19 cases at manageable levels in Australia depends on an appreciation of the psychological factors driving human behaviour.

About the presenters:

Kristina Murphy is a Professor and Australian Research Council Future Fellow. Elise Sargeant is a Senior Lecturer and Molly McCarthy is a Griffith University Postdoctoral Fellow. All three presenters are policing scholars with interests in policing, compliance, and human behaviour. All are based at the Griffith Criminology Institute at Griffith University.

Event Details
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