Researching Automated Worlds

Automation is finding its way into many systems that impact our everyday lives. AI and machine learning programs increasingly make decisions about a person’s credit score, determine the routes that food delivery operators should take via UberEats or Deliveroo, automate medical diagnoses, or determine who should receive a loan or a welfare payment. Algorithms have become integrated into the information and media we receive and generate, amplifying certain political perspectives or making recommendations about our leisure and entertainment. Moreover, we often know very little about the places and infrastructures – like data centres – that power these automation programs, and their broader political and economic impacts.

What are the methods for investigating the relationships between people, machines and data and what is at stake in these different approaches? To address these questions, the five panellists will draw upon their current research in the following areas:

– Robodebt and the automation of government services
– Labour, work and automated technologies in shipping ports
– Patents, automation and the organization of space in warehouses
– Labour and workflow automation in radiology (or medical settings)

Event Details
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