Social sciences approaches to understanding young people’s health and education needs in relation to gender/sexuality

Presenter: Professor Rob Cover (UWA and RMIT University)

The Queer Generations Project is a recently-completed Australian Research Council project which has been investigated the social conditions of support and belonging among gender- and sexually-diverse persons growing up in different parts of Australia.  The project interviewed people from both rural and city settings who were either born in the 1970s or born in the 1990s and looked at issues related to support, belonging and identity from the perspectives of health, education, families and friendships, work and media and communication technologies. The project uncovered many new and interesting aspects of young people’s lives in relation to gender and sexual diversity, from changing family dynamics to hundreds of new identity labels—changing the known landscape of LGBTQ very significantly.
This event will present some of the key findings on the conditions, issues and creative ways young people generate support and engage with each other, and discuss the role and importance of social research on health, mental health and education to an audience of health service providers, policy-makers, educators, researchers and community members in Geraldton Western Australia.
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