Social Sciences Stars 2018 – Melbourne

As part of the national Social Sciences Week, CHASS is organising a series of free public events in collaboration with publishers Routledge-Taylor & Francis, and The Conversation.

Called ‘Social Sciences Stars’, this series will be held in three cities – Canberra, Sydney and Melbourne on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday that week respectively.

In Melbourne, our speakers are leading public intellectual Emeritus Professor Robert Manne and ARC Future Fellow & Co-Director of the Border Crossing Observatory Associate Professor Leanne Weber from Monash University.

The title of Robert’s talk is ‘The Refugees on Nauru and Manus Island: Reflections on the Responsibility of Australian Intellectuals’.

The title of Leanne’s talk is ‘Stars, constellations and black holes: How academics can increase the impact of border-related research’.

This event will be moderated by Misha Ketchell from The Conversation.

All welcome!

Please register by clicking on the ‘Website‘ link. 

Event Details