Supporting Businesses of the Future, Today: The role of social science

Amid intensifying environmental and social challenges, circular economy principles and sustainable business models are increasingly sought to drive transformative change across a range of sectors. Their development and success will be dependent on the implementation of enabling policies and technological innovations. Social science plays a critical role in identifying the opportunities and barriers that businesses may face in this regard.

This webinar will showcase three ongoing research projects led by Monash human geographers and their research partners from industry, government, and community organisations. These projects scrutinise the use of blockchain technology to improve traceability in seafood supply chains, the development of local networks to improve recycling and reuse in urban households, and identify enabling policy conditions for supporting businesses in their journey to embedding sustainable practices. Discussions will be relevant to those interested in small- to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), the circular economy, and the role business can play in transitioning to a more sustainable future

Event Details
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