The Colonial Fantasy: Why White Australia Can’t Solve Black Problems

Presented by Professor Sarah Maddison (University of Melbourne)

·         Jointly Hosted by Australian Political Science Association (APSA), Australian Institute of International Affairs (AIIA), and The School of Political Science and International Studies, The University of Queensland (UQ)

·         6-8pm (includes drinks and canapés)

Australia is wreaking devastation on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. Whatever the policy, government has done little to improve their quality of life. In far too many instances, interaction with governments has only made Indigenous lives worse. In The Colonial Fantasy, Sarah Maddison argues that white Australia can’t solve black problems because white Australia is the problem. Australia has resisted the one thing that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people want, and the one thing that has made a difference elsewhere: the ability to control and manage their own lives.

Discussants: Jackie Huggins and Elizabeth Strakosch.

Sarah Maddison is Professor of Politics at the University of Melbourne and co-director of the Indigenous-Settler Relations Collaboration. She is the author of Black Politics and Beyond White Guilt.


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