The value or relevance of political studies in today’s world

The perennial problems of injustice, inequality, poverty, homelessness, and violence (especially against women and children) remain a challenge for Australia. The ever-growing threats of pandemics and climate change exacerbates these problems and multiplies their impact on people. These are all political problems. Presumably they should be what political studies is all about. Yet what has political studies contributed to finding solutions to these seemingly intractable problems? Is political studies capable of contributing what is needed? Related to this is the wider question of for whom (and what purposes) might political studies be useful or valuable. Many people from all walks of life have studied something that might be recognised as political studies. But has access to the knowledges covered by political studies helped them in their chosen professions? Has it helped them arrive at better decisions or develop better policies? This webinar will question the nature of political studies and examine its value and relevance. It will also consider how the field of political studies might be improved to enable it to contribute more effectively to a better society.

Emeritus Professor Glyn Davis (University of Melbourne, Honorary Professor ANU, and CEO Ramsay Foundation)
Professor Kath Gelber (University of Queensland and former APSA president)
Dr Sana Nakata (University of Melbourne and First People’s Politics Forum Representative on the APSA Executive)
Mr Andrew Wilkie (Member of the House of Representatives, Canberra)

Emeritus Professor Jim Jose (University of Newcastle and Vice President of the APSA)

This webinar is organised by the Australian Political Studies Association.

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