Webinar: Social justice for all

One aim: Social justice

Two hours of free professional development over a lunchtime

Listen live from your desk at home and/or work via the link (Please note the webinar will be recorded.)

Three words: Time for solidarity

Four challenging speakers with gutsy ideas.

Please let me introduce you to your speakers, in alphabetical order:

Roh Duncombe is a social work lecturer at Charles Sturt University and a social science researcher. Her topic is Social justice: Rural homeless health.

Susan Mlcek is a social worker, an Associate Professor and Associate Head of School of Humanities and Social Sciences. Her topic is ‘The place of social justice for Indigenous Peoples, within a pedagogy of discomfort’.

Dominic O’Sullivan is an Associate Professor in Political Science and a senior research fellow. His topic is Social Justice and the politics of Maori child welfare: A New Zealand treaty perspective.

Monica Short is a social work lecturer at Charles Sturt University and a social science researcher. Her topic is Social justice for all: Social work, sociological and theological insights

Each speaker will talk for about fifteen minutes, followed by a 5 minute Q and A session.

Learning objectives:
 To promote principles of human rights and social justice
 Encourage colleagues to consider what it means to achieve human rights and social justice through social development, social and systemic change, advocacy and the ethical conduct of research within their environments.
 Help all meet their commitments to understanding the historical and contemporary disadvantage experienced by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and the implication of this for social work practice.
 Promote practice that is culturally, socially and spiritually competent, safe and sensitive.
 Work to address and redress inequity and injustice affecting the lives of people who are socially disadvantaged.
 Support social workers and others in recognising and acknowledging the religious, spiritual and secular worldviews of all people within a framework of social justice and human rights.
 Raise awareness of structural and systemic inequities

Instructions on how to join the webinar
Please click this link 
No sign up is required. However, some preparation is needed.
1. Please set up your desktop or laptop computer prior to the event. Unfortunately, we cannot offer technical support to help you join.
2. You are least likely to have trouble if you use Chrome browser on a PC computer. Mac and mobile devices will work too.
3. Your computer only needs speakers, not a microphone, although use of a microphone may assist during Q&A.
4. Go to https://connect.csu.edu.au/professional_lectures/ add your name and ‘Enter Room’ using the guest login.
5. You may be given instructions to download and install the Adobe Connect Application. If it gives any trouble, start again and install FlashPlayer. If only a simple icon appears, click on it to install FlashPlayer.
6. After a lengthy download and/or connection process, a ‘room’ with various grey boxes should appear. Nothing much will be happening there until the webinar commences, but when you next log in on the time of the event, you should go straight to this ‘room’.

For more information about the webinar please contact:
Rohena Duncombe at  rduncombe@csu.edu.au
Dominic O’Sullivan dosullivan@csu.edu.au
Monica Short at  mshort@csu.edu.au

Australian Association of Social Workers. (2010). Code of Ethics. Canberra, ACT: AASW.

Speaker profiles:


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