“We’re all in this together”? Social inequality in Australia during COVID19

Throughout the COVID-19 outbreak in Australia, the phrase “We’re all in this together” has transformed from a message of hope into a unifying mantra by governments, civil society groups, and citizens alike.

This catchphrase may elicit some enthusiasm for community, connection, and cooperation in grappling with the uncertainty of life during a pandemic. For many people, however, its repetition resembles little more than a fantasy narrative, ignoring social inequalities, both old and new, only exacerbated by this crisis.

As Australia enters a potential ‘second wave’ of infection and the ramifications of economic recession continue, the need for critical insights into the ramifications of the COVID-19 pandemic are needed now more than ever.

Four expert speakers will provide their crucial insights into social inequality during the time of the coronavirus pandemic to help understand the diversity and injustice of its effects. There will be time for audience Q&A after the panel discussion.


• Dr Mandy Henningham will speak on inequality in family structures and treatment during COVID-19, with a focus on polyamorous couples

• Prof Tim Soutphommasane on racial inequality in Australia: anti-racism moment or resurgent racism?

• A/Prof Liz Hill and Dr Suneha Seetahul will speak on gender inequality during COVID-19

• A/Prof Anna Boucher and Emeritus Prof Terry Carney will speak on the denial of welfare to most temporary migrants during COVD-19

Listen to the recording now.

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