Youth Futures: Civic participation, social justice, and COVID-19

Youth Futures: Civic participation, social justice, and COVID-19
A Social Sciences Week event organised by the School of Social Sciences & Monash Arts

Young people have had a particularly challenging time during COVID-19, with major disruptions to study, precarious and volatile work arrangements, being locked down for formative social and cultural rites of passage, and with uncertain futures ahead. As the same time, young people are also passionate change agents, with big ideas for better futures.

This webinar is divided into two parts: first, we have the awards ceremony for the Monash Social Justice Matters video essay competition, where we have invited high school students from across Australia to tell us about a social justice issue they think we should be focussing on right now.

In the second part, we hear from a panel of Monash researchers to answer important questions about young people’s futures:

  • What have the effects of COVID-19 been on young people? And how has this affected longer term aspirations for the future?
  • How do you co-design COVID-19 communication strategies with culturally and linguistically diverse young people?
  • How do young people learn about politics and civic participation? And what does it mean for the future of politics in Australia?

A/Prof Marie Segrave,
 Head of School of Social Sciences
Dr Ben Lyall, Research Fellow, Emerging Technologies Research Lab
A/Prof Steven Roberts, Associate Professor, Sociology
Dr Charishma RatnamResearch Fellow, Monash Migration & Inclusion Centre
Dr Zareh Ghazarian, Senior Lecturer, Politics and International Relations
Dr Chiara De Lazzari, Lecturer, Politics and International Relations

Judging Panel
Dr Charishma Ratnam, Research Fellow, Monash Migration & Inclusion Centre
Prof JaneMaree Maher, Professor, Sociology
Dr Benjamin Thompson, Lecturer, Human Geography
Rosie Thomas, Social Sciences – Monash Alumni
Levi Fernandez, Social Sciences – Monash Alumni

Dr Charishma Ratnam, Research Fellow, Monash Migration & Inclusion Centre
Dr Brady Robards, Senior Research Fellow, Sociology

This event is part of Social Sciences Week, Australia 2021.

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