Looking for lockdown trivia to get you through September? We have you covered with Social Sciences Week trivia slides ready to go anytime. Choose ‘general’ or ‘expert’ (or both), download the Qs (and As!), then gather your friends, family or...
  • September 2, 2021
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Former Senator Scott Ludlam, ICAN Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Dimity Hawkins and Dr Julie Kimber share their experiences changing the world In this public lecture, Scott Ludlam will discuss learnings from his book, ‘Full Circle: A search for the world...
  • August 25, 2021
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Join The University of Newcastle’s Alternative Futures Research Network (UoN-AFRN) and New Economy Network Australia (NENA) for a monthly workshop series, which invites leading scholars, intellectuals, and activists from all over the world to discuss, challenge and re-define ‘quality of...
  • August 23, 2021
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Ahead of the forthcoming 75th anniversary of the proclamation of Albury as a City, Associate Professor Bruce Pennay, from Charles Sturt University, presents a short, richly illustrated historical overview of how Albury has been imagined, planned, represented and experienced from...
  • August 13, 2021
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Professor Gabriella Coleman and Professor Thomas Streeter McGill University and Western University Has Covid-19 transformed how we will live in the Internet in our digital future? What are the democratic promises of hacktivism and the security dangers of hacker cybercrimes?...
  • September 7, 2020
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How will COVID-19 impact the education and employment trajectories of young people? Historically, economic downturns have had lifelong consequences for happiness, life satisfaction and lifetime earnings. Dr Jenny Chesters from the Melbourne Graduate Research School of Education joins Distinguished Professor...
  • August 27, 2020
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Racism has been one of the most destructive influences on science and society over the last 200 years. While racism as a dominant political force was largely abolished after WWII, scientific myths about human difference live on today in disturbing...
  • August 5, 2020
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With the US Presidential election fast approaching we ask what the campaign and its aftermath will mean for the US and the world. The US faces a series of crises at home and abroad. COIVD-19 continues to wreak havoc on...
  • July 31, 2020
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