Alexandra Wake is a program manager for the Bachelor of Communication (Journalism) at RMIT University and is the elected President of the Journalism Education and Research Association of Australia. She is a board member of the Dart Centre for Journalists and Trauma in the Asia Pacific, an education advisor for Mindframe for Journalists (covering suicide and trauma), and is an elected member of the RMIT academic board. Her projects as a researcher and teacher run parallel to an extensive professional career as a journalist in Australia, the Asia Pacific and the Middle East. Her research work centers on journalism education and pedagogy, international newsgathering, international broadcasting, social and mobile media, and supporting journalists with self-care when reporting responsibly on mental health, suicide, and other traumatic events.

Dr Wake has more than 20 years’ experience as a broadcast journalist, with six years spent as a freelancer at ABC International/Radio Australia. She has taught at Journalism at RMIT, Deakin University and Dubai Women’s College in the United Arab Emirates. She was previously a senior journalist at the Australian Broadcasting Corporation and has reported for a wide range of Australian and international news agencies and conducted multiple international training programs across the global south. She is also part of the team of researchers in ‘The International UNESCO UniTWIN Network on Gender, Media and ICTs’ promoting and developing international co-participative projects together with the National Autonomous University of Mexico.

Participating in Social Sciences Stars 2019 Melbourne ‘Fighting for Press Freedom: Free Speech and Fact-Checking’

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