Sushi Das is an award-winning journalist and the chief of staff at RMIT ABC Fact Check. For more than two decades she worked for The Age in various roles, including news editor, senior reporter, columnist, feature writer and Op-Ed editor. Her work has been recognized with two Melbourne Press Club Quill Awards, including Best Columnist.

Das is a British/Australian writer of Indian origin. Educated and raised in London, she began her career as a reporter with Australian Associated Press.

Her current role at Fact Check (a collaboration between the ABC and RMIT University) involves checking the veracity of claims made by public figures on issues central to the national debate. Last year she created an RMIT online course on misinformation and disinformation aimed at helping students create a news-critical mindset.

She is also the author of Deranged Marriage, an east-meets-west memoir about arranged marriage.

Participating in Social Sciences Stars 2019 Melbourne ‘Fighting for Press Freedom – Free Speech and Fact-Checking’

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