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The Social Sciences have shaped our nation. Social Sciences Week is an opportunity for schools and students to hear from Australia’s leading experts on issues which help us understand humanity, society and the institutions which govern our daily lives.

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There are a variety of ways that your school and community can be involved in Social Sciences Week. This may include displaying posters in your classroom or library, registering your class for a free event such as a webinar or film screening, listening to a podcast or downloading our trivia quiz!

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September 9, 2021
In this online workshop, Swinburne’s Dr Naja Later will work with Year 10 and 11 students to develop superhero characters and story-lines for social justice and social change. Dr Later  is a co-founder of the All Star Women’s Comic Book...
For as long as women have sought autonomy over their bodies, those in positions of power have dismissed them as hormonal, hysterical, irrational and crazy. But now that dialogues around consent have infiltrated our newsfeeds, our classrooms, our workplaces and...
September 6, 2021
Youth Futures: Civic participation, social justice, and COVID-19 A Social Sciences Week event organised by the School of Social Sciences & Monash Arts Young people have had a particularly challenging time during COVID-19, with major disruptions to study, precarious and...

Teachers and schools can request a speaker to visit their school during Social Sciences Week 2021. Simply fill in the form below including your location and suitable times in the message box or email events@socialsciences.org.au.

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