BA, LLB (hons), PhD (Melbourne)


Professor Cheryl Saunders is the founding Director of the Centre for Comparative Constitutional Studies and the Institute for Comparative and International Law, University of Melbourne; Associate Dean Graduate Studies of the Faculty and a Director of the Melbourne JD. Her research interests are constitutional law, comparative constitutional law and intergovernmental relations.

Current projects include:

  • comparative constitutional theory
  • intergovernmental relations at international and subnational level
  • rights protection in common law countries
  • Deputy-Chair, Constitutional Centenary Foundation; First Vice-President, International Association of Constitutional Law
  • First Vice-President International Association of Centres for Federal Studies
  • Enseignant Invité Université Pantheon Assas Paris II, France
  • Honorary Professor, Faculty of Law, University of CapeTown, South Africa
  • Board Member and Symposium Editor, ICON
  • Co-Chair, Editorial Board, Global Dialogue on Federalism in the 21st century.

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