BA, LLB (hons), PhD (Melbourne)
Law and Legal Studies

Professor Cheryl Saunders is the founding Director of the Centre for Comparative Constitutional Studies and the Institute for Comparative and International Law, University of Melbourne; Associate Dean Graduate Studies of the Faculty and a Director of the Melbourne JD. Her research interests are constitutional law, comparative constitutional law and intergovernmental relations.

Current projects include:

  • comparative constitutional theory
  • intergovernmental relations at international and subnational level
  • rights protection in common law countries
  • Deputy-Chair, Constitutional Centenary Foundation; First Vice-President, International Association of Constitutional Law
  • First Vice-President International Association of Centres for Federal Studies
  • Enseignant Invité Université Pantheon Assas Paris II, France
  • Honorary Professor, Faculty of Law, University of CapeTown, South Africa
  • Board Member and Symposium Editor, ICON
  • Co-Chair, Editorial Board, Global Dialogue on Federalism in the 21st century.

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