The Academy of the Social Sciences in Australia Inc receives payments from Fellows (in the form of membership dues), participants in and attendees of paid events and activities, from donors and through contracted services. Refunds are payable as follows:

Fellowship dues: With exception of honorary and emeritus Fellows, all Fellows are required under the Academy’s constitution to be financial members in good standing. Should a Fellow cease to be a Fellow during a membership year through resignation or termination of Fellowship under the Code of Conduct, a partial refund proportional to months of membership year months remaining may be requested of the Academy’s Fellowship manager (refunds will not be paid automatically).

Event and Activity registrations: Refunds of event registration or participation fees will be made according to the refund policy for the specific activity available at the time of registration. Unless stated otherwise, full refunds will be paid to registants cancelling within 14 days of an event, and partial (50%) refunds paid to those cancelling within 7 days of the event. In cases where the event is cancelled by the Academy, full refunds will be paid to all registrants.

Donations: The Academy is a registered Charity with Deductible Gift Recipient status, and donations from individuals and organisations are gratefully accepted. Refunds of donations will only be made in cases where donations are made in genuine error, and the Academy’s National Office is notified within one calendar month of the donation being received.

Refunds for other payments, including those received under contracts, are covered by the specific terms under which those payments are received.

Policy current as of June 2022.