Fellows of the Academy of Social Sciences in Australia include the nation’s leading researchers and practitioners, elected by their peers for their distinguished contribution to one or more fields of social science research or practice in Australia.

Browse or search the list of Academy Fellows to find individuals with specific social science expertise. A directory of deceased Fellows of the Academy can be found here.

Name Discipline Specialisation State Year Elected
Maggie Abernethy
Accounting, auditing and accountability Costing and performance measurement systems in manufacturing and service industries VIC 2011 Panel B Female
Philip Adams
Economics Economic modelling, Policy analysis VIC 2016 Panel B Male
Peter Aggleton
Sociology Health, gender, sexuality, social inclusion, education NSW 2015 Panel A Male
Pal Ahluwalia
Political science African studies, social and cultural theory, postcolonial theory, processes of diaspora, exile and migration, transnational diasporas and reconciliation studies OVERSEAS 2004 Panel A Male
David Alais
Psychology Visual perception; Multisensory interactions; Perceptual ambiguity; NSW 2018 Panel D Male
Robert Aldrich
History, Heritage And Archaeology Modern European history (particularly France), colonialism (especially French and British empires), history of sexuality, history of monarchies NSW 2008 Panel C Male
Margaret Allars
Law and Legal Studies Administrative law, government law, public health law, legal theory, citizenship NSW 1998 Panel C Female
Nick Allen
Psychology Clinical Psychology, Adolescent Mental Health, Depression, Sleep, Digital Technology and Mental Health, Family Processes and Adolescent Mental Health OVERSEAS 2020 Panel D Male
Michael Allen
Anthropology Vanuatu, Nepal, Ireland, Religion, Gender Relations NSW 1981 Panel A Male
Jon Altman
Anthropology Indigenous Australia, Development, Anthropology, Economics, Resources VIC 2003 Panel A Male
Dennis Altman
Political science Sexuality, AIDS, globalization, American political culture, social movements VIC 2000 Panel A Male
Warwick Anderson
History, Heritage And Archaeology History of Science and Medicine, Australian History, History of Racial Thought, Asian Studies, Postcolonial Studies NSW 2013 Panel C Male
Vicki Anderson
Psychology Child, Neuropsychology, Development, Brain Injury, Attention VIC 2007 Panel D Female
Ian Anderson
Health Sciences Indigenous Affairs; public policy; health; education TAS 2018 Panel D Male
Kay Anderson
Human geography Cultural Geography, Race historiography, Urban Cultures, Naturecultures NSW 2007 Panel A Female
Kym Anderson
Economics International trade and development, agricultural economics, wine economics, WTO, China SA 1994 Panel B Male
Jock Anderson
Economics agricultural development OVERSEAS 1999 Panel B Male
Heather Anderson
Economics Econometrics, time series analysis, empirical finance, empirical macroeconomics. VIC 2005 Panel B Female
David Andrich
Education Rasch models, psychometrics, educational measurement, modern test theory, item response theory WA 1990 Panel D Male
Rachel Ankeny
Philosophy and Religious Studies History/Philosophy of Biological and Biomedical Sciences; Bioethics; Public Understanding of Science; Food and Agricultural Ethics; Science and Health Policy; Migration History SA 2022 Panel C Female
Frederik Anseel
Strategy, management and organisational behaviour Feedback, Performance management, work motivation, learning, organizational psychology, leadership, mental health at work NSW 2021 Panel B Male
Kaarin Anstey
Psychology Cognitive ageing, midlife cognition, wellbeing, longitudinal studies ACT 2011 Panel D Female
Reg Appleyard
Economic history emigration dynamics in developing countries; economic history of post-war migration to Australia. WA 1967 Panel B Male
Patricia Apps
Economics theoretical and empirical modelling of household behaviour for policy analysis; NSW 1994 Panel B Female
Wayan Arka
Linguistics Austronesian linguistics, Indonesian languages, language typology, descriptive linguistics, language documentation, Papuan languages, theoretical linguistics ACT 2021 Panel A Male
Nicholas Aroney
Law and Legal Studies Constitutional law, comparative law, federalism, law and religion, legal history, legal philosophy, political science, political theory QLD 2023 Panel C Male
Michelle Arrow
History, Heritage And Archaeology Gender history, postwar history, cultural history, history of popular culture. NSW 2023 Panel C Female
Neal Ashkanasy
Strategy, management and organisational behaviour Organisational Behaviour, Management, Emotions, Leadership, Organizational Culture, Ethical Behaviour QLD 2010 Panel B Male
Tony Aspromourgos
Economics History of Economic Thought, Macroeconomic Theory, Heterodox Economics NSW 2011 Panel B Male
Chandra Athukorala
Economics International capital mobility, financial crisis, foreign direct investment, trade policy reforms, international labour migration ACT 2003 Panel B Male
Martha Augoustinos
Psychology Social psychology, discursive psychology, racism, prejudice SA 2018 Panel D Female
Diane Austin-Broos
Anthropology Cultural change and transformation; religion; the racialisation of difference; kinship; anthropological theory NSW 1990 Panel A Female
Carol Bacchi
Political science Feminist political theory, policy theory, equity legislation, embodiment, citizenship SA 2000 Panel A Female
David Badcock
Psychology Perception;hyper-acuity;first and second order motion systems;migraine;motion perception; WA 2002 Panel D Male
Xuemei Bai
Human geography Urbanization, Urban environment, Urban governance, Urban metabolism, Sustainability experiments and transition. ACT 2017 Panel A Female
Marian Baird
Strategy, management and organisational behaviour Gender and employment relations, women and work, parental leave, labour market NSW 2015 Panel B Female
Eileen Baldry
Criminology Social justice, Criminal justice, critical disability criminology, Indigenous justice, cumulative and compounding disadvantage, criminalisation, social and community development NSW 2017 Panel A Female
Bernard Balleine
Psychology Learning, Motivation, Neuroscience NSW 2021 Panel D Male
Greg Bamber
Strategy, management and organisational behaviour Work, Employment & Industrial Relations, Human Resources & Management, including International Comparative Research VIC 2012 Panel B Male
Gary Banks
Economics Regulation, Public policy institutions and processes, Trade and industry policy, Economic policy, Productivity trends and drivers, Public choice, Public governance, Australian politics and public administration VIC 2010 Panel B Male
Adrian Barnett
Econometric and statistical methods Meta-research, research funding, applied statistics, health services research QLD 2021 Panel B Male
Jon Barnett
Human geography social impacts and responses to environmental change; impacts of climate change on cultures, food security, inequality, instability, migration, and water security, and ways in which adaptation can promote social justice and peace; Global environmental change VIC 2016 Panel A Male
Amanda Barnier
Psychology Cognitive psychology, memory, hypnosis, forensic psychology, interdisciplinary NSW 2016 Panel D Female
Garry Barrett
Economics Labour economics, public economics, inequality and poverty, econometrics, public policy NSW 2020 Panel B Male
Fran Baum
Sociology Health inequities, Social determinants of health, Political economy of health SA 2006 Panel A Female
Janeen Baxter
Sociology family dynamics and social disadvantage; gender inequality in families and households; links between paid and unpaid work; changing patterns and experiences of marriage; trends in attitudes to gender QLD 2009 Panel A Female
Christine Beasley
Political science Social/political theory; gender and sexuality, men and masculinities; cultural studies; care theory SA 2018 Panel A Female
Joan Beaumont
History, Heritage And Archaeology War, memory, and commemoration; Australia in the two world wars; prisoners of war ACT 1997 Panel C Female
Sascha Becker
Economics Economic history; political economy; economics of religion; migration VIC 2022 Panel B Male
Larissa Behrendt
Law and Legal Studies Indigenous legal issues; indigenous rights; author NSW 2006 Panel C Female
Peter Beilharz
Sociology social theory, culture, socialism, labour movements, critical theory VIC 1997 Panel A Male
Martin Bell
Human geography Demography, Internal Migration, Population Mobility QLD 2018 Panel A Male
Stephen Bell
Political science institutional questions associated with the politics of economic policy; financial and banking reform QLD 2011 Panel A Male
Mark Bellgrove
Psychology Cognitive neuroscience, neuropsychology, developmental neuroscience, ADHD, psychiatric genetics VIC 2021 Panel D Male
Jeff Bennett
Economics Environmental and Resource Economics ACT 2011 Panel B Male
John Benson
Economics Labour economics; industrial relations; labour and productivity; trade unions; human resource management. VIC 2010 Panel B Male
Michael Berk
Health Sciences Psychiatry, bipolar disorder, depression, novel therapies for psychiatric disorders, nutritional psychiatry, clinical trials VIC 2021 Panel D Male
Ron Bewley
Economics Time series analysis, Financial econometrics, Applied econometrics NSW 1995 Panel B Male
Peng Bi
Health Sciences Climate change and health adaptation, environmental and occupational health, infectious disease epidemiology, emergency management 2022 Panel D Male
Stephen Billett
Education Learning, Adult learning and development, Learning through work, Vocational Education, Professional Education QLD 2015 Panel D Male
David Bissell
Human geography Cultural geography, social theory, mobility and transport, commuting, mobile work, the future of work and employment, gig economy, automation, digital transformations, bodily experience VIC 2023 Panel A Male
Michael Bittman
Sociology Time use; Family; Non-market work; Care; Gender. NSW 2006 Panel A Male
Jill Blackmore
Education Educational Policy, Administration and Leadership; Sociology of Education; Education, Feminism, Leadership, Organisational change, Globalisation VIC 2013 Panel D Female
Geoffrey Blainey
History, Heritage And Archaeology Australian history, world history VIC 1970 Panel C Male
Michael Blakeney
Law and Legal Studies Intellectual Property; Traditional knowledge; traditional cultural expressions; legal history; agricultural biotechnology WA 2017 Panel C Male
Richard Blandy
Economics Econonomic growth and industry policy, innovation, sustainable development, labour economics, economics of education and training, demography and population studies. SA 1981 Panel B Male
Roland Bleiker
Political science International Relations, Conflict, Reconciliation, Visual Politics, Emotions. QLD 2017 Panel A Male
Neal Blewett
Political science health, politics, Australia, trade, international NSW 1998 Panel A Male
Sidney Bloch
Health Sciences Psychiatric ethics, psychosocial therapy and psycho-oncology VIC 2017 Panel D Male
Harry Bloch
Economics Evolutionary economics, development, industry, price theory WA 2012 Panel B Male
Bob Boakes
Psychology Psychology; learning; comparative psychology; memory; history of psychology; NSW 2005 Panel D Male
Frank Bongiorno
History, Heritage And Archaeology Australian History, Australian historiography, Labour History, Political History, Contemporary History ACT 2017 Panel C Male
Alison Booth
Economics labour economics; education; trade unions; gender; academic labour markets; ACT 2005 Panel B Female
Heather Booth
Demography Longevity, ageing, inequality in survival, demographic forecasting ACT 2021 Panel A Female
Ron Borland
Psychology Behaviour change, tobacco control, smoking cessation, relapse, behaviour theory VIC 2015 Panel D Male
Jeff Borland
Economics Labour economics;economic theory; distribution of earnings; underemployment; job creation and job destruction VIC 2002 Panel B Male
Allan Borowski
Sociology Ageing; Migration; Youth Justice and Corrections OVERSEAS 2006 Panel A Male
Richard Bosworth
History, Heritage And Archaeology historiography, Italy, fascism, war, migration OVERSEAS 1995 Panel C Male
Linda Botterill
Political science Australian politics and public policy; public policy theory; political psychology; Australian rural policy including drought policy ACT 2015 Panel A Female
Kathy Bowrey
Law and Legal Studies Cultural history, intellectual property NSW 2022 Panel C Female
Katherine Boydell
Health Sciences qualitative inquiry; arts-based methods; knowledge translation; mental health NSW 2020 Panel D Female
David Bradley
Linguistics Sociolinguistics, endangered languages, language policy, Asian languages, Australian English VIC 1993 Panel A Male
Valerie Braithwaite
Psychology Regulation, Citizen Cooperation with Government ACT 2009 Panel D Female
Deborah Brennan
Political science gender and social policy, comparative social policy, child care and family policy NSW 2009 Panel A Female
Robert Breunig
Economics Economics; Public Policy; Evaluation; Tax Policy; Econometrics; Child Care; Female Labour Supply; Welfare; Policy Evaluation; Public Finance ACT 2022 Panel B Male
Neil Brewer
Psychology Eyewitness memory; ASD and criminal vulnerability SA 2007 Panel D Male
Henry Brodaty
Health Sciences Ageing, Mental Health, Dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, aged care NSW 2022 Panel D Male
Dorothy Broom
Sociology Health, work, gender, chronic illness, obesity, international trade and public health VIC 1997 Panel A Female
Lisa Brophy
Social work I am a Social Work academic and my research focus has been on people experiencing mental illness and psychosocial disability and their recovery, social inclusion and human rights. VIC 2023 Panel A Female
AJ Brown
Policy and administration Public integrity, accountability and anti-corruption, Public interest whistleblowing, Public trust, Federalism, Regionalism, Institutional and constitutional reform QLD 2023 Panel A Male
Rebekah Brown
Human geography Integrated urban water management, institutional analysis, urban water governance, natural resource management, urban sustainability, sustainable development, socio-technical, urban water management, cities, capacity building, transition, extreme events, past climates of Australia, climate change policy, drought, fire and flood, adaptive governance VIC 2017 Panel A Female
Nick Brown
History, Heritage And Archaeology Australian History; Environmental and Social History; History of Public Policy; Twentieth Century International History ACT 2017 Panel C Male
Philip Brown
Accounting, auditing and accountability accounting, finance, investments, markets, accounting standards WA 1979 Panel B Male
Richard Bryant
Psychology initial post traumatic stress disorder; PTSD; acute psychological response to trauma; PTSD symptoms; early intervention NSW 2005 Panel D Male
Quentin Bryce
Law and Legal Studies advancing human rights; status of women; higher education QLD 2010 Panel C Female
Ross Buckley
Law and Legal Studies Financial regulation, FinTech, RegTech NSW 2017 Panel C Male
Victoria Burbank
Anthropology Psychological Anthropology, Aboriginal Australian Ethnography WA 2017 Panel A Female
Verity Burgmann
History, Heritage And Archaeology labour movements, social movements, direct action protest, radical ideologies VIC 1999 Panel C Female
Denis Burnham
Psychology Speech Perception; Language Development; Infant-Directed Speech; Lexical Tone; Auditory-Visual Speech NSW 2018 Panel D Male
Ian Burnley
Human geography Human Geography, Population and Social Geography, Medical Geography, Population, Immigration, Urban Change, Health Inequalities NSW 2010 Panel A Male
David Burr
Psychology Vision; perception; cognitive neuroscience; numerical cognition; psychophysics OVERSEAS 2018 Panel D Male
Kate Burridge
Linguistics historical linguistics; language change; Germanic languages; taboo and euphemism; prescription; attitudes to language VIC 2020 Panel A Female
Andrew Burton-Jones
Strategy, management and organisational behaviour Management of information technology, Information systems, Digital transformation, Digital health QLD 2021 Panel B Male
Phyllis Butow
Psychology psycho-oncology; health psychology, medical decision-making; doctor-patient communication; cross-cultural research NSW 2008 Panel D Female
Don Byrne
Psychology stress, occupational stress, depression, cardiovascular disease, health behaviour, adolescent stress, child stress ACT 1995 Panel D Male
Andrew Byrnes
Law and Legal Studies International Law, human rights, gender and human rights, disability and human rights, ageing and human rights NSW 2020 Panel C Male
Victor Callan
Psychology organisational behaviour; corporate change; leadership; training and development QLD 2004 Panel D Male
Tom Calma
Policy and administration Human Rights and Social Justice Advocate, Indigenous affairs, tobacco and e-cigarette control, Indigenous justice ACT 2022 Panel A Male
Lisa Cameron
Economics Development economics, behavioural and experimental economics, health economics, labour economics, gender VIC 2014 Panel B Female
Joseph Camilleri
Political science International relations, political economy, security studies, conflict analysis, Asia-Pacific, global governance. VIC 2002 Panel A Male
Barry Carr
History, Heritage And Archaeology Latin American and Caribbean History, History of Marxism, Socialism and Communism in the Americas, History of Tourism and Leisure in the Americas VIC 2009 Panel C Male
Kerry Carrington
Criminology Criminology NSW;QLD 2016 Panel A Female
Annemaree Carroll
Education Educational psychology, emotion regulation, social emotional learning, science of learning, intervention research QLD 2018 Panel D Female
Bettina Cass
Sociology Work, employment, welfare states, gender, citizenship, housing policy, urban and regional studies, comparative social policy, family policy, wellbeing of children NSW 1989 Panel A Female
Anne Castles
Psychology Reading development and dyslexia NSW 2010 Panel D Female
David Chalmers
Philosophy and Religious Studies Philosophy, Cognitive Science NSW 2011 Panel C Male
Ray Chambers
Econometric and statistical methods Sample surveys; Official statistics; longitudinal data analysis; Linked data analysis; Causal inference; Robust statistical methods; Analysis of heterogeneous data; Performance modelling. NSW 2021 Panel B Male
Janet Chan
Sociology Technology and Justice, Occupation and Profession, Criminal Justice Policy, Policing and Security, Creativity and Innovation NSW 2002 Panel A Female
Bruce Chapman
Economics labour, policy, HECS, unemployment, poverty ACT 1993 Panel B Male
Louise Chappell
Political science Gender and politics; women’s rights; public policy; international criminal court NSW 2016 Panel A Female
Hilary Charlesworth
Law and Legal Studies international law, human rights law, feminist theory VIC 2003 Panel C Female
Mandy Cheng
Accounting, auditing and accountability Management Accounting, strategic performance measurement, the use of financial, nonfinancial and sustainability performance information for business decision making NSW 2022 Panel B Female
Rob Chenhall
Accounting, auditing and accountability Organizational and behavioural management accounting VIC 2015 Panel B Male
Anthony Chisholm
Economics economics, policy, agriculture, environment, resources VIC 1997 Panel B Male
Helen Christensen
Health Sciences Mental health, depression, ageing, public health, internet. NSW 2004 Panel D Female
Wai Fong Chua
Accounting, auditing and accountability Management accounting; professionalisation of accounting NSW 2008 Panel B Female
Joshua Cinner
Human geography Fisheries; Conservation; Livelihoods; Socioeconomic; Vulnerability NSW 2018 Panel A Male
Gordon Clark
Human geography pension funds, finance, social security, economic geography OVERSEAS 1993 Panel A Male
Richard Clark
Psychology neurotherapeutic interventions; psychological disorders SA 2009 Panel D Male
Philip Clarke
Economics Health Economics VIC 2015 Panel B Male
Peter Clarkson
Accounting, auditing and accountability Financial and non-financial disclosure, sustainability disclosure and performance, climate change risk (carbon emissions) disclosure and performance QLD 2019 Panel B Male
Stewart Clegg
Strategy, management and organisational behaviour power, project managment, paradox theory, organization theory NSW 1988 Panel B Male
Ken Clements
Economics applied economics WA 1998 Panel B Male
Tony Coady
Philosophy and Religious Studies philosophy, applied ethics, war, political violence, testimony VIC 2000 Panel C Male
Deborah Cobb-Clark
Economics social policy on labour market outcomes; families and youth NSW 2009 Panel B Female
Catharine Coleborne
History, Heritage And Archaeology Histories of mental illness and institutions Health and medicine in historical perspective Gender, colonialism and illness Psychiatric history Mobility studies NSW 2021 Panel C Female
Max Coltheart
Psychology dyslexia, delusion, cognition, reading, neuropsychology NSW 1988 Panel D Male
Conal Condren
Political science History, intellectual, social, political philosophy NSW 2001 Panel A Male
John Connell
Human geography Human geography (culture, migration, development), anthropology. NSW 2001 Panel A Male
Raewyn Connell
Sociology sociology, neoliberalism, intellectuals, gender, education, theory NSW 1996 Panel A Female
Linda Connor
Anthropology Environmental change and energy transitions; Rural and regional Australia; Visual anthropology and ethnographic film; Ethnographic methods in interdisciplinary projects NSW 2017 Panel A Female
Mark Considine
Political science Governance studies, network governance, reform of public services, local economic development. VIC 2005 Panel A Male
Fang Lee Cooke
Strategy, management and organisational behaviour human resource management; industrial relations VIC 2016 Panel B Female
Jenny Corbett
Economics Macroeconomics, Japan, Asia, banking and finance, international integration ACT 2016 Panel B Female
Jonathan Corcoran
Human geography QLD 2023 Panel A Male
John Cordery
Strategy, management and organisational behaviour Work psychology, organisational behaviour, human resource management, work design, work teams WA 2019 Panel B Male
Kim Cornish
Psychology Fragile X, development, atypical, typical, attention, trajectory, CADLAB, Williams, ADHD, children VIC 2017 Panel D Female
Bob Costanza
Human geography ecological economics, ecosystem services, landscape ecology, integrated ecological and socioeconomic modelling, sustainable wellbeing ACT 2019 Panel A Male
Gillian Cowlishaw
Anthropology Anthropology, History, Literature, Aboriginal Australia, race relations, Indigenous governance, cultural revivalism NSW 2013 Panel A Female
Lyn Craig
Sociology Gender, work and family, parenthood, time use; comparative social policy NSW 2015 Panel A Female
Stephen Crain
Linguistics Linguistics, Language acquisition, Sentence processing, Neurolinguistics NSW 2006 Panel A Male
George Crowder
Political science Political theory; political philosophy; Isaiah Berlin; liberalism; value pluralism SA 2018 Panel A Male
Garrett Cullity
Philosophy and Religious Studies Moral philosophy, applied ethics, political philosophy, philosophy of action, philosophy of value SA 2014 Panel C Male
Chris Cunneen
Criminology Criminology, penology, Indigenous legal issues NSW 2014 Panel A Male
James Curran
History, Heritage And Archaeology History of Australian Foreign Policy, Australian Political Culture, Nationalism, American Foreign Policy, US-China relations NSW 2023 Panel C Male
Ann Curthoys
History, Heritage And Archaeology Australia, history, Indigenous, gender, nation, historiography VIC 1997 Panel C Female
Monica Cuskelly
Education Intellectual disability; developmental disability TAS 2022 Panel D Female
Kathleen Daly
Criminology Criminology, criminal justice, innovative justice, violence against women, feminist and critical race theories, legal officials and other justice actors QLD 2007 Panel A Female
Joy Damousi
History, Heritage And Archaeology Memory, emotions, feminism, psychoanalysis, labour. VIC 2004 Panel C Female
Peter Danaher
Marketing Market models, advertising, applied econometrics VIC 2015 Panel B Male
Susan Danby
Education education systems, linguistics, sociology, health communication, pragmatics, early childhood education, digital childhoods QLD 2021 Panel D Female
Kate Darian-Smith
History, Heritage And Archaeology Australian and imperial history; Australian studies; war and society; memory studies; museums and heritage; media history; histories of childhood TAS 2008 Panel C Female
Sara Davies
Political science Human rights, health security, sexual violence in conflict, refugees, united nations, Asia Pacific QLD 2021 Panel A Female
Margaret Davies
Law and Legal Studies Legal theory; Gender; Property; Legal pluralism. SA 2006 Panel C Female
Martin Davies
Philosophy and Religious Studies modal concepts definition; psychological understanding; philosophy of the mind; cognitive science; ACT 2002 Panel C Male
Glyn Davis
Political science political science VIC 2003 Panel A Male
Megan Davis
Law and Legal Studies Law NSW 2017 Panel C Female
Graeme Davison
History, Heritage And Archaeology history, urban studies, heritage, Melbourne, sociology VIC 1985 Panel C Male
Peter Dawkins
Economics Economics, labour economics, social economics, industrial economics, macroeconomics, quantitative sociology, social policy, social research VIC 2001 Panel B Male
David Day
History, Heritage And Archaeology Australia, history, war, biography, politics. VIC 2004 Panel C Male
David de Vaus
Sociology Family Sociology, Life Course Transitions, Retirement, Ageing, Research Methods VIC 2007 Panel A Male
Desley Deacon
History, Heritage And Archaeology American history;Australian History; gender studies; sociology NSW 2002 Panel C Female
William Deane
Law and Legal Studies Govenor General; Politics ACT 2001 Panel C Male
Louisa Degenhardt
Health Sciences Substance use, addiction, mental health NSW 2016 Panel D Female
Katherine Demuth
Linguistics child language acquisition; language perception; language production NSW 2015 Panel A Female
Erwin Diewert
Economics Economic measurement, Consumer Price Index OVERSEAS 2015 Panel B Male
Cheryl Dissanayake
Psychology Autism; Neurodevelopmental Conditions; Early Development VIC 2022 Panel D Female
Rosalind Dixon
Law and Legal Studies Comparative Constitutional, Constitutional Law NSW 2019 Panel C Female
Peter Dixon
Economics economic modelling, forecasting, technological change, policy analysis, general equilibrium VIC 1982 Panel B Male
Mark Dodgson
Strategy, management and organisational behaviour Innovation management and policy. QLD 2004 Panel B Male
Michael Dodson
Law and Legal Studies Human Rights Law; Access To Justice; Causes And Prevention Of Crime; Studies Of Aboriginal And Torres Strait Islander Society; Aboriginal And Torres Strait Islander Law; Aboriginal And Torres Strait Islander History Indigenous Treaty making ACT 2009 Panel C Male
Maureen Dollard
Psychology SA 2023 Panel D Female
Sara Dolnicar
Tourism Tourism, Sustainability, Market Segmentation, Experiment QLD 2019 Panel B Female
Heather Douglas
Law and Legal Studies Criminal law and procedure, domestic and family violence. VIC 2017 Panel C Female
Steve Dovers
Human geography Environmental Policy, Disaster Management, Climate Adaptation, Natural Resource Management NSW 2013 Panel A Male
Kim Dovey
Built Environment and Design social issues in architecture and urban design including investigations of urban place identity, creative clusters, transit-oriented urban design and the morphology of informal settlements VIC 2022 Panel A Male
Robyn Dowling
Human geography Urban geography, urban governance, transport, energy, climate change NSW 2018 Panel A Female
Gary Dowsett
Sociology sexuality; HIV/AIDS, men's health; qualitative methodologies VIC 2008 Panel A Male
Peter Drahos
Law and Legal Studies legal theory; intellectual property rights theory; globalization; regulations OVERSEAS 2007 Panel C Male
Peter Drysdale
Economics international trade and economic policy, APEC, Japan and East Asian economies ACT 1989 Panel B Male
John Dryzek
Political science democracy, environmental politics, political theory ACT 1997 Panel A Male
Stephen Duckett
Economics Australian health policy VIC 2004 Panel B Male
Tim Dunne
Political science International relations; human rights; international ethics; terrorism; global security QLD 2016 Panel A Male
Dexter Dunphy
Sociology Corporate sustainability, corporate change, comparative management, human resource management NSW 2001 Panel A Male
Michael Dutton
Political science contemporary social and cultural theory; QLD 2009 Panel A Male
Sandra Eades
Health Sciences Social Medicine, Indigenous health, Child and adolescent health VIC 2020 Panel D Female
Robyn Eckersley
Political science Environmental Politics, Climate Policy, Political Theory. VIC 2007 Panel A Female
Anne Edwards
Sociology public policy, social theory, gender, youth, ageing SA 2000 Panel A Female
Meredith Edwards
Economics social policy, public policy, governance, women and leadership. ACT 1994 Panel B Female
Louise Edwards
History, Heritage And Archaeology China, history, politics, gender NSW 2008 Panel C Female
John Elkins
Education special education, literacy, learning difficulties, disability policy QLD 1996 Panel D Male
Anthony Elliott
Sociology social theorist, sociologist; Artificial Intelligence and the future of employment; Identity and digital technologies; Globalisation and the new economy SA 2009 Panel A Male
Nick Enfield
Linguistics Linguistics, Linguistic Anthropology, Social Interaction, Social Agency, Mainland Southeast Asia (especially Laos) NSW 2018 Panel A Male
Lyn English
Education mathematics education, engineering education, STEM education QLD 2003 Panel D Female
Nisvan Erkal
Economics Experimental Economics Inductrial Organisation Economics of Innovation Merger Analysis VIC 2021 Panel B Female
Norman Etherington
History, Heritage And Archaeology History, heritage, missions, South Africa, imperialism SA 1993 Panel C Male
Gareth Evans
Law and Legal Studies International Relations VIC 2012 Panel C Male
Carolyn Evans
Law and Legal Studies Religious Freedom, Constitutional Law, Administrative Law, Human Rights QLD 2019 Panel C Female
Nick Evans
Linguistics Australian Aboriginal languages, Papuan languages, language typology, language documentation, anthropological linguistics ACT 2016 Panel A Male
Robert Faff
Banking, finance and investment Empirical Finance; Capital Markets; Research Process; Responsible Science QLD 2021 Panel B Male
Michael Farrell
Health Sciences broad aspects of tobacco, alcohol, drug use strategies to reduce social and individual harms promote and translate interventions into practice improve community, family and individual well being NSW 2021 Panel D Male
Allan Fels
Economics Economics, law, public administration, regulation VIC 2005 Panel B Male
Denzil Fiebig
Economics applied econometrics, econometric methods, health economics. NSW 2003 Panel B Male
Ruth Fincher
Human geography urban, ethnicity, gender, policy, institutions VIC 2002 Panel A Female
Christopher Findlay
Economics International Economics, Trade, China, Regional Economic Cooperation, Services. SA 2002 Panel B Male
Paul Finn
Law and Legal Studies Australian legal history SA 1990 Panel C Male
Mark Finnane
History, Heritage And Archaeology Australian History, Criminology, Socio-legal Studies, Legal History, Irish History, Policing, Punishment QLD 2013 Panel C Male
Karen Fisher
Policy and administration Social policy, disability policy, mental health policy, social policy evaluation, Chinese social policy, inclusive research, NDIS NSW 2020 Panel A Female
Brian Fisher
Economics public policy, economics, trade, environment ACT 1995 Panel B Male
Andrew Fitzmaurice
History, Heritage And Archaeology History of Political Thought, History of Empires NSW 2019 Panel C Male
Marilyn Fleer
Education Early childhood education; STEM education VIC 2021 Panel D Female
Michele Ford
Sociology Southeast Asia, social movements, labour movements NSW 2022 Panel A Female
Joseph Forgas
Psychology Interpersonal behaviour, affective influences on social behaviour, social judgments and social perception, social identity and group behaviour, applied social psychology NSW 1987 Panel D Male
Kenneth Forster
Psychology Psycholinguistics, lexical access, priming OVERSEAS 1984 Panel D Male
Michelle Foster
Law and Legal Studies International Refugee Law; Human rights law; Statelessness Studies VIC 2022 Panel C Female
John Foster
Economics Complex economic systems, evolutionary macroeconomics, energy economics, economics of innovation. QLD 2001 Panel B Male
Kevin Fox
Economics Economics, Econometrics, Measurement, Environment NSW 2010 Panel B Male
James Fox
Anthropology anthropology; Eastern Indonesia; Java; agriculture ACT 1992 Panel A Male
Rae Frances
History, Heritage And Archaeology Gender, labour, prostitution, Australia, war VIC 2011 Panel C Female
Barry Fraser
Education science and mathematics education; learning environments; educational evaluation WA 1997 Panel D Male
Ian Freckelton
Law and Legal Studies Administrative Law, Criminal Law, Disciplinary Law, Commercial Law, Coronial Law VIC 2012 Panel C Male
Bronwyn Fredericks
Indigenous Studies Indigenous education, Indigenous Health, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies QLD 2022 Panel A Female
Clinton Free
Accounting, auditing and accountability Fraud; white collar crime; corporate governance; management accounting NSW 2021 Panel B Male
John Freebairn
Economics applied microeconomics; analysis of taxation reform; environmental economics VIC 1991 Panel B Male
Peter Freebody
Education Literacy Education, Classroom Interaction, Disadvantage NSW 2011 Panel D Male
Robert Freestone
Human geography Planning History; Urban Studies; Heritage NSW 2008 Panel A Male
Arie Freiberg
Law and Legal Studies Sentencing; criminology; regulation VIC 2005 Panel C Male
Robert French
Law and Legal Studies the study and practice of law WA 2010 Panel C Male
Sharon Friel
Health Sciences Health inequalities; Social determinants; Climate change; Governance and Regulation; Healthy public policy; Global health ACT 2015 Panel D Female
Renée Fry-McKibbin
Economics Macroeconometrics, financial market econometrics, contagion, commodities ACT 2018 Panel B Female
Marylene Gagne
Strategy, management and organisational behaviour How organisations affect people’s motivational orientations towards their work; Volunteer management; How quality of motivation influences performance and well-being in the workplace. WA 2022 Panel B Female
Geoff Gallop
Political science Public policy development and administration; political philosophy NSW 2022 Panel A Male
Bill Gammage
History, Heritage And Archaeology Australia, history ACT 1995 Panel C Male
Lata Gangadharan
Economics Economic Experiments, Environment and Sustainability, Social Preferences, Development VIC 2017 Panel B Female
Joshua Gans
Economics microeconomics, game theory, innovation, competition, regulation OVERSEAS 2008 Panel B Male
Jiti Gao
Econometric and statistical methods Econometrics and Financial Econometrics VIC 2012 Panel B Male
Judith Gardam
Law and Legal Studies Law, International Relations, Public international law, International humanitarian law, Energy law, Feminist theory SA 2010 Panel C Female
Margaret Gardner
Strategy, management and organisational behaviour Leadership, management strategy, gender equity, industrial relations, tertiary education VIC 2018 Panel B Female
Ross Garnaut
Economics international economics; public finance; economic development VIC 1991 Panel B Male
Geoffrey Garrett
Political science Globalization, US, China, trade, investment OVERSEAS 2011 Panel A Male
Stephen Garton
History, Heritage And Archaeology Australian history, psychiatry, crime, social policy, sexuality. NSW 2002 Panel C Male
Moira Gatens
Philosophy and Religious Studies political philosophy, social philosophy, Spinoza, feminist theory, ethics NSW 1999 Panel C Female
Gina Geffen
Psychology Concussion, cerebral lateralization, working memory,pain management QLD 1990 Panel D Female
Kath Gelber
Political science Free speech, hate speech, comparative politics, political theory, Australian politics QLD 2017 Panel A Female
Diane Gibson
Sociology Social policy, ageing, gender, programme evaluation, paid and unpaid work ACT 2001 Panel A Female
Cristina Gibson
Strategy, management and organisational behaviour Work teams, international management, organizational structure, collaboration, cultural identity WA 2017 Panel B Female
Chris Gibson
Human geography Cultural economy, creative industries, regional development, economic geography, tourism NSW 2017 Panel A Male
Katherine Gibson
Human geography Economic Geography, Feminist Theory, Action Research, Poststructuralist Political Economy, Asia Pacific Region NSW 2005 Panel A Female
Billie Giles-Corti
Built Environment and Design Urban planning and health WA 2023 Panel A Female
Graeme Gill
Political science Russia, post-communism, politics, state, democratisation NSW 1994 Panel A Male
Barbara Gillam
Psychology psychology, visual perception, cognitive science, stereopsis NSW 1994 Panel D Female
Nicole Gillespie
Strategy, management and organisational behaviour Trust building and repair; measuring trust; trust in emerging technologies and Artificial Intelligence; trustworthy AI; designing trustworthy organizations and systems; trust in organisations, institutions, leaders and teams; leadership; organizational change; organizational culture. QLD 2021 Panel B Female
Ross Gittins
Economics Journalism, economics, economic policy, Australian economy, Australian politics NSW 2017 Panel B Male
Lisa Given
Sociology Technology design and use; social media; internet studies; research engagement; research impact; research ethics; research methods; human-focused technology design; societal impact; social change; human behaviour; information studies; library studies; qualitative methodologies; interdisciplinary research; open research VIC 2022 Panel A Female
Lee Godden
Law and Legal Studies Critical Race Theory; Environmental Law (land and water management and indigenous rights); Indigenous Law and Human Rights; Legal History; Legal Theory; Native Title Law; Natural Resources Law; Planning Law (urban and spatial controls); Post-colonial Theory; Property Law (legal theory, globalisation, indigenous rights); Science & Technology Regulation; Water Law (water and environmental management) VIC 2017 Panel C Female
Jacob Goeree
Economics Market design, game theory, experimental economics NSW 2018 Panel B Male
Evelyn Goh
Political science Security, international relations, East Asia, US-China, Cold War ACT 2022 Panel A Female
Andrew Goldsmith
Law and Legal Studies Organised crime, policing, corruption, law enforcement, crime policy SA 2016 Panel C Male
Jeff Goldsworthy
Law and Legal Studies Constitutional law; constitutional interpretation; parliamentary sovereignty; legal philosophy; judicial review and democracy. VIC 2008 Panel C Male
Heather Goodall
History, Heritage And Archaeology Indigenous history, environmental history, conservation politics, Indian history, intercolonial history. NSW 2007 Panel C Female
David Goodman
Political science China, provinces, social and political change, CCP history NSW 2000 Panel A Male
Murray Goot
Political science Australian politics, electioneering, mass media, political parties, public opinion, voting behaviour NSW 2003 Panel A Male
Jenny Gore
Education Aspirations, equity, pedagogical reform, pedagogy, power and pedagogy, social theory and education, sociology of education, teacher development, teacher education reform, teacher socialisation, teacher supervision and mentoring NSW 2023 Panel D Female
Quentin Grafton
Economics Economics (environment, resources and energy); Economics; Water; Fisheries; Resources; Environment; ACT 2013 Panel B Male
David Grant
Strategy, management and organisational behaviour organisational discourse; organisational change and development; leadership NSW 2008 Panel B Male
Simon Grant
Economics Economic theory, risk, uncertainty, non-expected utility, bargaining. ACT 2002 Panel B Male
Stan Grant
Communication and media studies Media and misinformation, integrity in journalism, international relations, racism, reconciliation with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people NSW 2023 Panel A Male
Michelle Grattan
Political science politics; political correspondent; political science ACT 2002 Panel A Female
Sid Gray
Accounting, auditing and accountability International accounting; corporate transparency; comparative accounting systems NSW 2006 Panel B Male
Adam Graycar
Policy and administration public policy, crime, ageing, best practice, social policy SA 1998 Panel A Male
Robert Gregory
Economics labour economics; public policy ACT 1979 Panel B Male
Chris Gregory
Anthropology Economic Anthropology, India, PNG, Fiji ACT 2019 Panel A Male
Don Greig
Law and Legal Studies Public International Law; the Law of Contract ACT 1992 Panel C Male
Mark Griffin
Strategy, management and organisational behaviour Work performance, organisational analysis, workplace safety, leadership, future work WA 2019 Panel B Male
Bill Griffiths
Economics econometrics, bayesian inference, inequality, statistics VIC 1995 Panel B Male
Patricia Grimshaw
History, Heritage And Archaeology women and family; New Zealand, the Pacific, Australia; feminist scholar;colonial families VIC 1992 Panel C Female
Peter Gronn
Education Organizational leadership, educational leadership, educational policy, history of education, biography VIC 2019 Panel D Male
Pauline Grosjean
Economics Economics of institutions and culture, Long-term development NSW 2020 Panel B Female
David Gruen
Economics Data, Economics, Public Policy, Statistics ACT 2023 Panel B Male
Bruce Grundy
Economics Corporate Finance, Derivatives, Corporate Governance, Charitable Fund Raising, Funds Management VIC 2015 Panel B Male
Ferdinand Gul
Accounting, auditing and accountability Financial Accounting, Auditing, Corporate Governance and Corporate Political Activities VIC 2018 Panel B Male
Neil Gunningham
Law and Legal Studies Law; Environment; Regulation; Policy; OHS. ACT 2006 Panel C Male
Richard Gunstone
Education Science learning, metacognition, assessment, science curriculum, science teaching. VIC 2003 Panel D Male
Knud Haakonssen
History, Heritage And Archaeology Early-modern moral, political and legal thought; natural law and rights; Enlightenment in Britain, Germany & Scandinavia OVERSEAS 1992 Panel C Male
Vedi Hadiz
Political science Political economy, political sociology, Indonesian politics and society, Southeast Asian politics and societies, Islamic politics VIC 2017 Panel A Male
Anna Haebich
History, Heritage And Archaeology Cultural History, Indigenous History, Assimilation, Stolen Generations, Histories of Migrartion, The Body, Environment, Visual and Performing Arts, Museums, Respresentations, Crime and Gender. WA 2007 Panel C Female
Ghassan Hage
Anthropology Nationalism, Multiculturalism, Racism, Migration, Anthropological Theory NSW 2019 Panel A Male
Fiona Haines
Sociology Corporate and White Collar Crime; Regulation and Compliance; Socio-legal understanding of the intersection between globalisation and governance; Grievance and Redress in response to corporate harm; reducing corporate harm VIC 2016 Panel A Female
Graeme Halford
Psychology cognitive complexity, processing capacity, workload, processing load, reasoning QLD 1986 Panel D Male
Jane Hall
Economics Health Economics, Economic Evaluation, Health Policy NSW 2005 Panel B Female
Keith Hancock
Economics labour, regulation, arbitration, employment, unions SA 1968 Panel B Male
John Handmer
Human geography Risk; disasters; natural hazards; climate change adaptation; ACT 2018 Panel A Male
Cynthia Hardy
Strategy, management and organisational behaviour Management, Discourse, Organizational change, Institutional change, Identity VIC 2010 Panel B Female
Ian Harper
Economics Banking and financial regulation VIC 2000 Panel B Male
Stuart Harris
Economics China, Japan, Asia-Pacific, economics, security, regionalism, multilateralism ACT 1982 Panel B Male
Anita Harris
Sociology Youth studies; migration studies; girls’ studies; young people, citizenship and participation; young people, social cohesion and multiculturalism; youth mobilities; youth cultures and digital media. 2022 Panel A Female
Nick Haslam
Psychology Social psychology, personality, psychiatric classification, stigma VIC 2013 Panel D Male
Tim Hatton
Economic history Migration and asylum; health and human heights ACT 2009 Panel B Male
Bharat Hazari
Economics international trade; market imperfections; developmental economics VIC 2005 Panel B Male
Baogang He
Political science political Science; deliberative democracy; political change VIC 2019 Panel A Male
Lesley Head
Human geography Human Geography, Anthropology, Environmental Social Sciences, Cultural Environmental Research, Plants, Households, Climate Change NSW 2011 Panel A Female
Brian Head
Political science Policy issues, Governance, Complex problems, Research impact, Sustainability QLD 2012 Panel A Male
Stephanie Hemelryk Donald
Sociology Media, film, children's media, China, visual culture, migration VIC 2008 Panel A Female
Ken Henry
Economics public policy NSW 2012 Panel B Male
Julie Henry
Psychology Cognitive ageing, prospective cognition, social cognition, neuropsychology. QLD 2019 Panel D Female
David Hensher
Economics economics, choice analysis, transport policy, travel demand NSW 1995 Panel B Male
Beryl Hesketh
Psychology Career Choice, Training, Selection and decision-making, Person-Environment Fit, Organisational Psychology. NSW 2002 Panel D Female
Kevin Hewison
Political science Democratisation, labour politics, political change, SE Asian politics WA 2014 Panel A Male
John Hewson
Economics Public Policy, Economics, Finance, Climate NSW 2017 Panel B Male
Ian Hickie
Health Sciences Mental Health; Health Services reform; Public Health Policy; International Health trends NSW 2007 Panel D Male
Barry Higman
History, Heritage And Archaeology Caribbean, servants, occupations, landscape, historical geography ACT 1997 Panel C Male
Lisa Hill
Political science Political Science, Political Theory, History of Political Thought, Electoral Studies, Enlightenment, Stoicism, Adam Smith, Voting SA 2011 Panel A Female
Hal Hill
Economics economies of South-East Asia ACT 2011 Panel B Male
Jenny Hocking
Political science Australian political history, biography, counter-terrorism, Gough Whitlam, Whitlam government, the dismissal of the Whitlam government VIC 2010 Panel A Female
Michael Hogg
Psychology Social psychology, social identity, intergroup relations, group processes, self and identity, influence and leadership OVERSEAS 1999 Panel D Male
Richard Holden
Economics Economics, law & economics, political science NSW 2016 Panel B Male
John Holmes
Human geography Australia, rural multifunctionality, rangelands, land policy, property rights, pastoral leases QLD 2000 Panel A Male
Leslie Holmes
Political science corruption, Europe, democratisation, organised crime, political science VIC 1995 Panel A Male
Katie Holmes
History, Heritage And Archaeology Environmental History, cultural history, feminism, environmental humanities, gender VIC 2019 Panel C Female
Bob Holton
Sociology Globalization, artificial intelligence and uncertainty, social theory, historical sociology, SA 1995 Panel A Male
Ross Homel
Criminology Criminology; Prevention; Children and young people; Community development; Alcohol-related crime and violence. QLD 2004 Panel A Male
David Horner
History, Heritage And Archaeology Australian defence history, operations, command, intelligence ACT 2015 Panel C Male
Matthew Hornsey
Psychology Persuasion; trust; intergroup relations; rejection of science; social psychology QLD 2018 Panel D Male
Jennie Hudson
Psychology Clinical child psychology; child and youth mental health; Child and adolescent anxiety disorders NSW 2018 Panel D Female
Terry Hull
Demography Demography of Indonesia, Fertility and Family Planning, Maternal Mortality, Infant mortality, Sexual and reproductive health, Sex ratios at birth (China) Measuring Race and Ethnicity, Population growth (projections), Australian Census (history and futures), Combined research methods: Qualitative and Quantitative ACT 2020 Panel A Male
Boyd Hunter
Economic history Labour Economics Social Policy Economic History Aboriginal And Torres Strait Islander Policy ACT 2021 Panel B Male
Rob Hyndman
Econometric and statistical methods Forecasting, computational statistics, data analysis, business analytics, machine learning, time series, demography VIC 2020 Panel B Male
Charmine Härtel
Strategy, management and organisational behaviour Leadership Development, Organisational Culture and Analysis, Workforce (Neuro)Diversity, Work Design and Digital Technologies, , Emotions, Entrepreneurship NSW 2017 Panel B Female
Michael Innes
Psychology Political psychology, attitudes, film, media psychology, artificial intelligence and program evaluation SA 1997 Panel D Male
Muireann Irish
Psychology NSW 2023 Panel D Female
Duncan Ironmonger
Economics Household economics, microeconomics, national accounts, business expectations, household demography. VIC 2001 Panel B Male
Dexter Irvine
Psychology Auditory cortex; Plasticity; Hearing loss; Perceptual learning VIC 1996 Panel D Male
Terry Irving
History, Heritage And Archaeology Australian History, Class Analysis, Labour Intellectuals, Radical Democracy, Youth Policy NSW 2023 Panel C Male
Helen Irving
Law and Legal Studies Constitutional law and history; constitutional citizenship; constitutions and gender. NSW 2013 Panel C Female
Izan Izan
Accounting, auditing and accountability Capital markets-based research; Corporate governance; Stochastic index numbers. WA 2004 Panel B Female
Simon Jackman
Political science Elections, electoral systems, public opinion NSW 2018 Panel A Male
Frank Jackson
Philosophy and Religious Studies Philosophy of mind and language, philosophy of the social sciences, ethics. ACT 1998 Panel C Male
Henry Jackson
Psychology clinical psychology, early psychosis, personality disorders, case formulation, delusional infestation VIC 2009 Panel D Male
Andrew Jakubowicz
Sociology Cultural diversity, sociology, public policy, disability, cultural and social planning, cyber racism, multicultural policy, social media, social science communication NSW 2021 Panel A Male
Pat Jalland
History, Heritage And Archaeology British History 210305, Australian History (Excl. Aboriginal And Torres Strait Islander History) 210303 ACT 1988 Panel C Female
Kanishka Jayasuriya
Political science Political economy, regulation and governance, authoritarianism, social policy, higher education WA 2020 Panel A Male
Renée Jeffery
Political science International Relations, human rights, transitional justice, conflict, emotions QLD 2019 Panel A Female
Robin Jeffrey
Political science History, Politics, India, Asia, Media. VIC 2002 Panel A Male
Craig Jeffrey
Human geography Youth, Development, Politics and Social Change in South Asia and Globally (Power, Culture, Cities, Geography, Anthropology) VIC 2017 Panel A Male
Jolanda Jetten
Psychology social psychology; social identity; group processes; health and well-being QLD 2015 Panel D Female
Fleur Johns
Law and Legal Studies International law; law and technology; law and development; law and society; legal theory; laws of emergency/disaster NSW 2020 Panel C Female
Carol Johnson
Political science Australian politics, gender, sexuality, ethnicity, discourse, how governments manage social, economic and technological change. SA 2005 Panel A Male
Margaret Jolly
Anthropology historical anthropologist ACT 1999 Panel A Female
Frank Jones
Sociology social statistics, immigration and multiculturalism, social mobility, national identity, occupations QLD 1974 Panel A Male
Stewart Jones
Accounting, auditing and accountability Corporate financial reporting; credit risk and corporate bankruptcy prediction; accounting regulation; corporate social responsibility reporting NSW 2018 Panel B Male
Barry Jones
Political science polymath VIC 2003 Panel A Male
Anthony Jorm
Health Sciences Mental health NSW 1994 Panel D Male
Guyonne Kalb
Economics Family/household economics, female labour supply, child outcomes, family and social policy, tax and transfer policy, poverty/disadvantage VIC 2022 Panel B Female
David Kalisch
Economics Public sector data production, data access and use Use of data and evidence for policy and service delivery Social and economic policy design and implementation Public administration, organisational transformation and leadership ACT 2021 Panel B Male
John Kane
Political science Political theory, moral philosophy, leadership, US foreign policy, international affairs QLD 2015 Panel A Male
Bruce Kapferer
Anthropology State, Poverty, Ethnic Conflict, Violence, Nationalism, Urbanization, Ritual Systems, Folk Drama, Buddhism, Zambian Urbanization, Post-Apartheid Politics in South Africa, Ritual and Politics in Kerala, Sinhalese Ritual, Comparative Anthropology, Egalita OVERSEAS 1981 Panel A Male
Grace Karskens
History, Heritage And Archaeology Australian colonial history, settler colonial history, Aboriginal history, Australian cross-cultural history, environmental history NSW 2022 Panel C Female
Susanne Karstedt
Criminology Cross-national and cross-cultural comparison of crime and justice; global indicators of crime and justice, including indices of prison conditions and ‘extremely violent societies’; democracy, crime and justice; interpersonal violence; mass atrocity, genocide and state crime; middle class and white collar crime; impact of transitional justice mechanisms; emotions and law; emotions and offender decision making. QLD 2020 Panel A Female
Yoshihisa Kashima
Psychology social psychology; cultural dynamics, modelling; cultural transmission processes VIC 2013 Panel D Male
Amarjit Kaur
Economic history economic history, labour, migration, transport, environment, Malaysia, Southeast Asia NSW 2000 Panel B Female
Anne Kavanagh
Health Sciences Epidemiology, disability, health inequalities, policy VIC 2018 Panel D Female
David Kavanagh
Psychology e-health; digital health; addictive disorders; motivation; dissemination QLD 2016 Panel D Male
Michael Keane
Economics Labour Economics, Econometrics, Health Economics, Consumer Choice Behaviour NSW 2012 Panel B Male
Michael Keating
Economics Economic & Social Policy, Governance, Public Administration ACT 1995 Panel B Male
Paul Kelly
Political science Australian politics and public policy from the 1950s to the present day NSW 1997 Panel A Male
Justin Kenardy
Psychology Clinical Health Psychology, Psychological Trauma, Physical Injury and Illness, Prevention and Early Intervention, Children and Adults. QLD 2019 Panel D Male
Jeanette Kennett
Philosophy and Religious Studies Applied ethics, moral psychology, moral and criminal responsibility, punishment, mental disorder, agency and the self, addiction, dementia VIC 2020 Panel C Female
Jane Kenway
Sociology Sociology of education; Gender and education; Education policy sociology; Globalization and education; VIC 2006 Panel A Female
Clive Kessler
Sociology anthropology, sociology, Malaysia, Islam, modernity NSW 2000 Panel A Male
Simon Killcross
Psychology Neuroscience, schizophrenia, associative learning, memory, cognition NSW 2022 Panel D Male
John King
Economics History of economic thought, post-Keynesian economics, Marxism, labour, socialism VIC 2005 Panel B Male
Max King
Economics econometric theory, time-series modelling, econometric forecasting, hypothesis testing, statistical model selection VIC 1997 Panel B Male
Stephen King
Economics industrial economics, competition policy, mergers, law and economics, ACCC VIC 2005 Panel B Male
Beverley Kingston
History, Heritage And Archaeology history, women, consumption, NSW, Australia NSW 1994 Panel C Female
Sue Kippax
Sociology sexuality, health, prevention, HIV, hepatitis, evaluation, chronic illness NSW 2000 Panel A Female
Michael Kirby
Law and Legal Studies law, human rights, genome, informatics, society NSW 1996 Panel C Male
Diane Kirkby
History, Heritage And Archaeology Women's history; Work and labour history; Feminism; Gender Law and History; Australia and USA; VIC 2005 Panel C Female
Kim Kirsner
Psychology analysis of component processes in cognition; brain damage and memory and language processes; human-computer interface design; impact of stress on performance WA 1997 Panel D Male
Gavin Kitching
Political science Development; Agrarian change; Marx; Wittgenstein; Social Science; NSW 2006 Panel A Male
Natalie Klein
Law and Legal Studies Law of the sea; international dispute settlement; maritime security NSW 2023 Panel C Female
Robert Kohn
Economics Econometric theory, Bayesian methodology, time series, multivariate Gaussian and non-Gaussian models NSW 2007 Panel B Male
Tom Kompas
Economics Climate change, risk management, biosecurity, natural resource management, environmental economics, decision theory. ACT 2015 Panel B Male
Emma Kowal
Anthropology Anthropology, Indigenous Australia, Science and Technology Studies, Genomics, Race and Ethnicity, Health and Medicine VIC 2019 Panel A Female
Martin Krygier
Law and Legal Studies Law and social theory; post-communist transformations; rule of law; normative social theory; state and law. NSW 2002 Panel C Male
Carol Kulik
Strategy, management and organisational behaviour Workforce diversity; human resource management; organisational behaviour; organisational justice; cognitive processes in organisations SA 2017 Panel B Female
Marilyn Lake
History, Heritage And Archaeology Australia, history, gender, citizen, nationalism. VIC 1999 Panel C Female
Marcia Langton
Political science Land, resource, social impact, indigenous dispute processing, indigenous system of land tenure, role of indigenous people in national parks and tourism, policing and substance abuse, gender, identity, art, film, cultural studies, Australian Aboriginal eth VIC 2001 Panel A Female
Russell Lansbury
Human resources and industrial relations industrial relations, organisational change, workplace reform, performance management NSW 1999 Panel B Male
Geoffrey Lawrence
Sociology Rural, regional, governance, environment, financialization QLD 2004 Panel A Male
Stephanie Lawson
Political science Culture, Nationalism, Democracy, Normative International Theory, Pacific Islands Politics NSW 2008 Panel A Female
Gilah Leder
Education Mathematics education, gender, affect, exceptionality. VIC 2001 Panel D Female
Andrew Leigh
Economics inequality, social policy, taxation and education ACT 2011 Panel B Male
Mervyn Lewis
Economics banking, corporate governance, partnerships, culture, Islam SA 1986 Panel B Male
Jenny M Lewis
Political science Policy making, policy design, public sector innovation, network governance VIC 2020 Panel A Female
Anne Lillis
Accounting, auditing and accountability Management control systems, performance measurement, cost management, field study methods in accounting research VIC 2017 Panel B Female
Bob Lingard
Sociology education, policy QLD 2011 Panel A Male
Ottmar Lipp
Psychology Psychology of Emotion QLD 2008 Panel D Male
Adrian Little
Political science Political theory, Democracy and conflict, Indigenous-settler relations, Northern Ireland, Border politics VIC 2020 Panel A Male
Peter Lloyd
Economics international trade, WTO, competition policy, intra-industry trade, regional trade agreements, economic history VIC 1979 Panel B Male
Stewart Lockie
Sociology environmental sociology; environmental and natural resource management policy; social impact assessment; sociology of food and agriculture. QLD 2012 Panel A Male
William Logan
Human geography Cultural Heritage, Urban Geography, Urban History, Urban Conservation VIC 2011 Panel A Male
John Longworth
Economics Agriculture, economics, China, wool, beef QLD 1992 Panel B Male
John Loughran
Education Teacher education, Science teaching and learning, Secondary school education, Reflective practice, Practitioner research VIC 2009 Panel D Male
Peter Lovibond
Psychology Psychology, Learning, Conditioning, Anxiety, Cognition NSW 2007 Panel D Male
David Lowe
History, Heritage And Archaeology Modern Australian and international history, Rhetorical uses of history by politicians. VIC 2015 Panel C Male
Deborah Lupton
Sociology Digital sociology, sociology of health and medicine, sociology of risk, sociology of food cultures, sociology of parenting and childhood ACT 2017 Panel A Female
Mary Luszcz
Psychology Psychology, cognition, gerontology. SA 2001 Panel D Female
Martha Macintyre
Anthropology Papua New Guinea Anthropology VIC 2012 Panel A Female
Andrew MacIntyre
Political science Political Science, Political Economy, International Relations, Southeast Asia, Asia-Pacific, Indonesia, History, Economics, Development ACT 2010 Panel A Male
Vera Mackie
History, Heritage And Archaeology History, Gender Studies, Cultural Studies, Asian Studies, Citizenship, Human Rights, Globalisation NSW 2004 Panel C Female
Andrew Mackinnon
Health Sciences mental health; measurement; statistics; disorder change and progression; epidemiology; psychometrics VIC 2016 Panel D Male
Alison Mackinnon
History, Heritage And Archaeology Women's history, educational history, women's studies, fertility decline. SA 2005 Panel C Female
Roy MacLeod
History, Heritage And Archaeology history of science, medicine and technology; science and technology policy; museums and cultural policy; policy for higher education NSW 1996 Panel C Male
Colin MacLeod
Psychology Psychology; cognition emotions; clinical psychology WA 2002 Panel D Male
Malcolm Macmillan
Psychology Localisation of brain function, criticisms of psychoanalytic methods, clinical psychology, history of psychology and the neurosciences. VIC 2005 Panel D Male
Graham Maddox
Political science democracy, political thought, religion and politics, constitutionalism NSW 1998 Panel A Male
Jakob Madsen
Economics Macroeconomics, Economic Growth, Applied Economics, Unified Growth Theory, Economics of Inequality WA 2015 Panel B Male
Susan Magarey
History, Heritage And Archaeology History, Biography, Women's Studies, Literature SA 2005 Panel C Female
Gary Magee
Economic history Economic history; authoritarian states; globalisation; transnationalism; industrial development; applied economics. VIC 2019 Panel B Male
Lisa Maher
Health Sciences Social science, ethnography, epidemiology, infectious disease prevention, vulnerable populations NSW 2015 Panel D Female
Elizabeth Malcolm
History, Heritage And Archaeology Irish studies; history VIC 2006 Panel C Female
William Maley
Political science electoral mechanisms to generate legitimacy ACT 2009 Panel A Male
Lenore Manderson
Anthropology Medical anthropology, global health, gender and sexuality, disability and chronic illness VIC 1995 Panel A Female
Desmond Manderson
Law and Legal Studies Interdisciplinary studies in law, humanities, and social sciences – law history philosophy ACT 2019 Panel C Male
Leon Mann
Psychology Leadership, decision making, group processes and dynamics, collaboration, creativity, innovation, collective behaviour, research evaluation VIC 1975 Panel D Male
Robert Manne
Political science Australian Political Culture, Aboriginal Politics, European Politics in the 1930s. VIC 1999 Panel A Male
Fethi Mansouri
Sociology Migration; multiculturalism; social justice; intercultural relations; human rights; middle eastern studies VIC 2020 Panel A Male
Simon Marginson
Education higher education, research, globalisation and international education, policy studies, education and economics OVERSEAS 2000 Panel D Male
Andrew Markus
History, Heritage And Archaeology Social cohesion, racial and ethnic relations, twentieth century immigration, immigration and multicultural policy, Australian Jewish communities VIC 2004 Panel C Male
Herb Marsh
Education self-concept, identity, and motivation; students' evaluations of university teaching effectiveness; quantitative analysis (particularly structural equation & multi-level modelling); meta-analysis; educational, social, and sport/exercise psychology; higher NSW 1994 Panel D Male
Gael Martin
Econometric and statistical methods Bayesian Inference; Computational Statistics; Probabilistic Forecasting; Financial Econometrics; Long Memory Time Series; Count Time Series VIC 2020 Panel B Female
Andrew Martin
Education Educational Psychology; Education; Achievement; Statistics; School NSW 2016 Panel D Male
Nick Martin
Health Sciences Behaviour genetics, twin studies, personality, cognition, social attitudes QLD 2003 Panel D Male
Anthony Mason
Law and Legal Studies constitutional, public, contract, equity law NSW 1989 Panel C Male
Ron Masulis
Economics corporate Governance, corporate finance, banking NSW 2014 Panel B Male
Jason Mattingley
Psychology Cognitive Neuroscience, Experimental Psychology, Human Brain Imaging, Selective Attention, Clinical Neuropsychology QLD 2007 Panel D Male
Andrew May
History, Heritage And Archaeology Urban History, Cultural Heritage, Melbourne, Missionaries, North-East India VIC 2018 Panel C Male
John Maynard
Indigenous Studies aboriginal history NSW 2014 Panel A Male
Lorraine Mazerolle
Criminology Multi-level, quantitative survey research; community regulation; civil remedies; street-level drug law enforcement, systematic reviews QLD 2014 Panel A Female
Jane McAdam
Law and Legal Studies International refugee law; forced migration; climate change; disasters and displacement NSW 2016 Panel C Female
Ian McAllister
Political science political parties, elections, Australian politics, British politics, comparative politics ACT 1992 Panel A Male
John McCallum
Sociology Ageing research, longitudinal studies, social policy, informal social support, validation of survey instruments. ACT 2003 Panel A Male
Iain McCalman
History, Heritage And Archaeology History; Population politics;historian NSW 1992 Panel C Male
Janet McCalman
History, Heritage And Archaeology History, Health, Australia, Family, Class VIC 2005 Panel C Female
Janet McColl-Kennedy
Marketing Customer Service, Customer Experience, Consumer Behaviour, Customer Insights, Value Co-creation, Services, Health Services, Service Innovation, Sustainable Service Delivery QLD 2022 Panel B Female
Kevin McConkey
Psychology Psychology; Higher Education NSW 1996 Panel D Male
Jude McCulloch
Sociology Policing, terrorism, security, crime and gender, gendered crimes, family violence, intimate partner violence VIC 2020 Panel A Female
Skye McDonald
Psychology clinical neuropsychology; traumatic brain injury; communication disorders NSW 2014 Panel D Female
Ian McDonald
Economics behavioural economics, macroeconomics, ageing VIC 1991 Panel B Male
Peter McDonald
Demography demography, social policy, housing, family VIC 1998 Panel A Male
Paula McDonald
Sociology Employment relations; sociology of work; youth; gender; technology and work QLD 2021 Panel A Female
Doug McEachern
Political science Enivironment, public policy, business politics, government. SA 2001 Panel A Male
Barry McGaw
Education education, psychometrics, assessment, curriculum, equity VIC 1984 Panel D Male
Patrick McGorry
Health Sciences Preventive psychiatry; Youth mental health; Early psychosis; Schizophrenia; Refugees. VIC 2006 Panel D Male
Ann McGrath
History, Heritage And Archaeology Indigenous History, Gender and Frontier, Law, Historiography, Australia and North America ACT 2004 Panel C Female
Kate McGregor
History, Heritage And Archaeology Indonesian history, Asian history, memory studies, gender and history, decolonial studies VIC 2023 Panel C Female
Pauline McGuirk
Human geography Urban political geography, Urban governance, Urban low carbon and energy transition, Urban regeneration NSW 2016 Panel A Female
Beryl McKenzie
Psychology infancy, child development, perceptual development, art history VIC 1993 Panel D Female
Warwick McKibbin
Economics economic modelling, climate change, macroeconomics, international trade, global demographics, infectious diseases ACT 1997 Panel B Male
Elinor McKone
Psychology Cognitive and neural mechanisms of face perception and memory, in Adults and Children ACT 2017 Panel D Female
Keith McLaren
Economics economic theory, applied econometrics, demand systems, duality theory, dynamic optimisation VIC 2000 Panel B Male
Andy McLennan
Economics Economics, Political Science, Computer Science, Mathematics, game theory, computational complexity, Nash equilibrium, fixed points, electoral theory QLD 2011 Panel B Male
Julie McLeod
Sociology sociology of education; history of education; youth; gender; curriculum VIC 2016 Panel A Female
Sharynne McLeod
Health Sciences speech pathology, early childhood education, bilingualism, multilingualism, communication disability, speech and language development, phonetics, rural, low and middle income countries, NSW 2022 Panel D Female
Gavan McNally
Psychology learning, motivation, neuroscience, addiction, behaviour NSW 2019 Panel D Male
Geoffrey McNicoll
Demography population, fertility, development, public policy, demography OVERSEAS 1993 Panel A Male
Peter McPhee
History, Heritage And Archaeology History, France, biography, rural society, colonial North America VIC 2003 Panel C Male
Bernadette McSherry
Law and Legal Studies mental health law; criminal law VIC 2010 Panel C Female
Felicity Meakins
Linguistics First Nations languages QLD 2020 Panel A Female
Sarah Medland
Psychology Mental Health, Epidemiology, Genetics, Psychology, Twin studies QLD 2019 Panel D Female
Paul Memmott
Anthropology Architectural anthropology, Aboriginal and Torres strait Islander social problems, indigenous people-environment studies, Aboriginal land tenure and Native Title QLD 2014 Panel A Male
Philip Mendes
Social work Young people transitioning from out-of-home care and conditional welfare VIC 2023 Panel A Male
Flavio Menezes
Economics Auction theory; market design; competition and regulatory economics. QLD 2016 Panel B Male
Xin Meng
Economics Labour Market, Migration, Poverty and Inequality, Development, China ACT 2008 Panel B Female
Kerrie Mengersen
Econometric and statistical methods Applied statistics, biostatistics, environmetrics, biometrics QLD 2018 Panel B Female
Francesca Merlan
Anthropology Anthropology, social and cultural theory, change, indigeneity, interaction, language and communication ACT 2022 Panel A Female
Pat Michie
Psychology Psychology and Cognitive Sciences, Biological Psychology, Neurobiology of Schizophrenia, Animal models of Schizophrenia, Cognitive control deficits in ageing and psychosis, Cognitive deficits following drug overdose NSW 2013 Panel D Female
Ross Milbourne
Economics Monetary economics, economic growth. NSW 1994 Panel B Male
Martin Mills
Education Sociology of Education; Social Justice and Education; Gender and Education; Alternative Education; School Reform QLD 2016 Panel D Male
Anthony Milner
History, Heritage And Archaeology Southeast Asian history; regional relations in Asia ACT 1995 Panel C Male
Philip Mitchell
Health Sciences Psychiatry, bipolar disorder, depression, high risk, genetics NSW 2015 Panel D Male
Bronwen Morgan
Law and Legal Studies Regulation; governance; social enterprise; new economies; commons NSW 2021 Panel C Female
Tiffany Morrison
Human geography global environmental change; climate change; environmental governance; resource governance; environmental politics; marine policy; novel marine interventions; politics of science QLD 2022 Panel A Female
Mark Mosko
Anthropology Social anthropology, symbolism, chieftainship, chaos theory, Pacific. NSW 2004 Panel A Male
Charles Mulvey
Economics wages, equity, unemployment, productivity, Asia, workers' compensation, computing economic loss as a result of death or injury. WA 1998 Panel B Male
Peter Mühlhäusler
Linguistics linguist; pigin; creol; Pacific; linguistic theory SA 1992 Panel A Male
Ngaire Naffine
Law and Legal Studies Law; Legal theory; Criminal law; Medical law; Feminist legal theory. SA 2006 Panel C Female
Sharon Naismith
Psychology Neuropsychology, dementia, ageing, sleep, health services NSW 2023 Panel D Female
Jake Najman
Sociology Health, Youth, Children, Research, Longitudinal, Developement, Social Determinants of Health, Drugs and Illicit Substance Abuse, Mental Health. QLD 2002 Panel A Male
Andrew Neal
Psychology Work performance, motivation, decision making QLD 2020 Panel D Male
Marcia Neave
Law and Legal Studies Law VIC 1989 Panel C Female
Amanda Nettelbeck
History, Heritage And Archaeology Australian history; colonial history; Indigenous history; frontier violence; memorials and historical memory SA 2020 Panel C Female
Klaus Neumann
History, Heritage And Archaeology Memory studies; historical justice; forced migration studies; contemporary history OVERSEAS 2017 Panel C Male
John Nevile
Economics macroeconomics, unemployment, fiscal policy, income distribution ACT 1972 Panel B Male
Peter Newton
Built Environment and Design Sustainable built environment, urban transition theory, socio-technical innovation VIC 2014 Panel A Male
Yew-Kwang Ng
Economics welfare, public policy, mesoeconomics, specialisation, happiness VIC 1981 Panel B Male
Nathalie Nguyen
History, Heritage And Archaeology Oral history, memory, migration and war, Trauma, Narrative, Vietnamese diaspora, Vietnamese refugees, women and veterans, Second generation, Transgenerational histories, Women and minorities in the military VIC 2021 Panel C Female
Stephen Nicholas
Strategy, management and organisational behaviour International business, strategy, health services and policy, business and economic history OVERSEAS 1997 Panel B Male
John Nieuwenhuysen
Economics research, immigration, publication, conference, international VIC 1996 Panel B Male
John Niland
Economics Vice-Chancellor, university, industrial relations, banking, Asia NSW 1987 Panel B Male
Melanie Nolan
History, Heritage And Archaeology Biography;, Australian, New Zealand, Labour and Social History ACT 2016 Panel C Female
Pat Noller
Psychology family relationships, family communication, adult attachment, nonverbal communication, siblings QLD 1994 Panel D Female
Tom O'Donoghue
Education Education; history of education; educationalist WA 2010 Panel D Male
Ciaran O'Faircheallaigh
Political science indigenous peoples; large scale resource development; aboriginal agreements; aboriginal mobilisation domestic politics QLD 2013 Panel A Male
Bob Officer
Economics finance, anti-trust, valuation, corporate, capital VIC 1988 Panel B Male
Mara Olekalns
Psychology Negotiation, trust, ethics in negotiation, gender and negotiation VIC 2010 Panel D Female
Melanie Oppenheimer
History, Heritage And Archaeology Twentieth century Australian history; history of voluntary action; women, war & volunteering; gender, imperialism & biography NSW 2017 Panel C Female
Anne Orford
Law and Legal Studies International Law, International Economic Law, History and Theory of International Law VIC 2016 Panel C Female
Graeme Orr
Law and Legal Studies The Law of Politics QLD 2020 Panel C Male
Cheri Ostroff
Strategy, management and organisational behaviour Organisational behaviour; Organisational culture and climate; Human resource management systems; Organisational effectiveness SA 2018 Panel B Female
Ray Over
Psychology higher education, research policy, research practice, evidence-based practice VIC 1975 Panel D Male
Nancy Pachana
Psychology ageing, clinical geropsychology, dementia, late-life anxiety, healthy ageing QLD 2014 Panel D Female
Adrian Pagan
Economics Macroeconomics, quantitative modelling, econometric analysis VIC 1986 Panel B Male
Sundhya Pahuja
Law and Legal Studies International Law, History and Theory of International Law, Law and Development VIC 2019 Panel C Female
Fiona Paisley
History, Heritage And Archaeology Histories of humanitarianism, gender and empire, internationalism and interwar Australia, critics of settler colonialism QLD 2016 Panel C Female
Jan Pakulski
Sociology Social inequality; Social movements; Sociology of elites; Democratization; TAS 2006 Panel A Male
Ian Palmer
Strategy, management and organisational behaviour organization change, flexible forms of organization design and the structuring effects of management language and discourse VIC 2011 Panel B Male
David Pannell
Economics Environmental economics, resource economics, agricultural economics WA 2012 Panel B Male
Yin Paradies
Sociology Indigenous, decolonisation, health, racism, anti-racism, cultural competence, intercultural understanding, whiteness VIC 2021 Panel A Male
Lyn Parker
Anthropology Social anthropology, cultural anthropology, Indonesia, Minangkabau, gender relations, anthropology of education, environmental education, Marind, social vulnerability ACT 2021 Panel A Female
Gordon Parker
Psychology Depression; Bipolar Disorder NSW 2007 Panel D Male
Sharon Parker
Strategy, management and organisational behaviour Work design, employee stress and health, job performance, proactivity. WA 2014 Panel B Female
Christine Parker
Law and Legal Studies Business regulation, corporate governance, food and agriculture, environmental regulation, consumer protection, animal welfare, automated decision making, animal law, corporate social responsibility, professional ethics, legal profession VIC 2020 Panel C Female
Martin Parkinson
Economics governance; public policy ACT 2016 Panel B Male
Haig Patapan
Political science Democratic theory; political philosophy; constitutionalism; jurisprudence; leadership QLD 2016 Panel A Male
Philippa Pattison
Psychology social networks, quantitative modelling, mathematical psychology, statistics VIC 1995 Panel D Female
Anne Pauwels
Linguistics Sociolinguistics, Bilingualism, Cross cultural communication, Language and gender, Language Policy VIC 1995 Panel A Female
George Paxinos
Psychology brain, neuroanatomy, hypothalamus, cortex, neurotransmitters NSW 1996 Panel D Male
Jacqueline Peel
Law and Legal Studies International environmental law, climate law, climate litigation, precautionary principle, risk regulation VIC 2019 Panel C Female
David Peetz
Strategy, management and organisational behaviour Industrial relations QLD 2013 Panel B Male
Alan Petersen
Sociology Health sociology, science and technology studies, gender studies VIC 2017 Panel A Male
Nic Peterson
Anthropology land and sea tenure, economic anthropology, social change and development, anthropological photography, history of anthropology in Australia ACT 1997 Panel A Male
Philip Pettit
Philosophy and Religious Studies Political, philosophy, ethics, review OVERSEAS 1987 Panel C Male
Sharon Pickering
Law and Legal Studies Criminalisation; migration; gender; trafficking; borders VIC 2018 Panel C Female
John Piggott
Economics economics, taxation, Superannuation and Pension Economics, applied-general-equilibrium NSW 1992 Panel B Male
Jonathan Pincus
Economic history public choice, federalism, microeconomic reform SA 1996 Panel B Male
Sarah Pink
Anthropology Design anthropology; futures; emerging technologies; sensory experience; interdisciplinary research. VIC 2019 Panel A Female
Jane Pirkis
Health Sciences Mental health, suicide prevention VIC 2017 Panel D Female
Michael Platow
Psychology social psychology; theoretical and meta-theoretical assumptions of social identity and self-categorization theories ACT 2012 Panel D Male
Barbara Pocock
Economics Work, Employment Relations, Gender, Inequality, Work and family. SA 2009 Panel B Female
Andrew Podger
Economics Public administration, social policy (social security, tax and transfers, health and health insurance), China ACT 2011 Panel B Male
John Pollard
Demography mathematical demography; mortality; outstanding claims in general insurance NSW 1979 Panel A Male
Hans Pols
History, Heritage And Archaeology History of medicine, mental health, Indonesian studies, community mental health NSW 2022 Panel C Male
Millicent Poole
Education Higher education policy, youth and adolescence, cultural diversity, equity, cognitive and developmental psychology, life-span development QLD 1992 Panel D Female
Adam Possamai
Sociology Sociology, Sociology of Religion, Social Theory, Religious Studies, Popular Culture NSW 2023 Panel A Male
Jason Potts
Economics Evolutionary economics, institutional economics, complexity theory, blockchain, innovation economics VIC 2017 Panel B Male
Martine Powell
Psychology Investigative interviewing, witness testimony, sexual assault investigation, interviewer training QLD 2021 Panel D Female
Alan Powell
Economics Quantitative policy analysis, applied consumer demand analysis VIC 1973 Panel B Male
John Poynter
History, Heritage And Archaeology history, biography, universities, philanthropy, poverty, music VIC 1971 Panel C Male
Wilfrid Prest
History, Heritage And Archaeology History; British; English; South Australia; Australia SA 1988 Panel C Male
Bruce Preston
Economics Macroeconomics, Monetary Economics VIC 2020 Panel B Male
Michael Pusey
Sociology quality of life economic sociology identity and citizenship social policy public culture and social attitudes NSW 1994 Panel A Male
John Quiggin
Economics unemployment, micro-economic reform, privatisation, uncertainty QLD 1996 Panel B Male
Michael Quinlan
Strategy, management and organisational behaviour Industrial relations, occupational health and safety, history TAS 2015 Panel B Male
Kalpana Ram
Anthropology India, Gender, Postcolonial Modernity, Feminist Scholarship, Phenomenology NSW 2021 Panel A Female
Ian Ramsay
Law and Legal Studies corporate law; corporate governance; financial regulation VIC 2019 Panel C Male
Bill Randolph
Human geography Urbanisation, Urban renewal, Housing, Urban density, Spatial Disadvantage NSW 2015 Panel A Male
Prasada Rao
Economics index numbers, purchasing power parities, output and productivity comparisons, inequality and poverty, performance of nations QLD 1997 Panel B Male
Ron Rapee
Psychology Clinical psychology, mental health NSW 2012 Panel D Male
John Ravenhill
Political science international political economy, especially on production and trade in the Asia-Pacific region OVERSEAS 2009 Panel A Male
Rosemary Rayfuse
Law and Legal Studies Public International Law, Law of the Sea, International Environmental Law, Protection of the Marine Environment NSW 2018 Panel C Female
Peter Read
History, Heritage And Archaeology Environmental history; Aboriginal history; Australian cultural studies; Oral testimony; Latin American history. ACT 2003 Panel C Male
Janice Reid
Anthropology medical anthropology, higher education, Aboriginal health, health policy / services, refugee health, multiculturalism NSW 1991 Panel A Female
Elizabeth Reid
Philosophy and Religious Studies national and international public service; development practitioner, feminist ACT 1996 Panel C Female
Sheena Reilly
Health Sciences childhood Communication disorders; speech pathology QLD 2011 Panel D Female
Chris Reus-Smit
Political science International Relations, International Law, International Ethics, International History, Social and Politcal Theory QLD 2008 Panel A Male
Henry Reynolds
History, Heritage And Archaeology Australian historian; frontier conflict between European settlers in Australia and indigenous Australians TAS 1999 Panel C Male
Rod Rhodes
Political science Political science, British government, comparative government, public administration, public policy. OVERSEAS 2004 Panel A Male
Rick Richardson
Psychology Memory development, extinction, pharmacological adjuncts, neural mechanisms, learning NSW 2017 Panel D Male
Sue Richardson
Economics labour markets, inequality, poverty, investment in children, migration,ageing workforce SA 1994 Panel B Female
Sam Ricketson
Law and Legal Studies Law, Legal History, International Law VIC 2003 Panel C Male
Malcolm Rimmer
Human resources and industrial relations Industrial Relations VIC 1997 Panel B Male
Peter Rimmer
Human geography transport, communications, Asian urban/regional development ACT 1992 Panel A Male
Alison Ritter
Health Sciences Alcohol and drug policy, public policy NSW 2021 Panel D Female
Fazal Rizvi
Sociology Identity and Culture in Transnational Contexts, Globalization and Education Policy VIC 2011 Panel A Male
Sharyn Roach Anleu
Sociology Sociology, Courts and Judicial Officers, Law, Gender SA 2006 Panel A Female
John Roberts
Marketing Marketing, Strategy, Models of consumer behaviour, Industry practice NSW 2013 Panel B Male
Garry Robins
Psychology Social network research; quantitative and mathematical psychology VIC 2017 Panel D Male
Kathryn Robinson
Anthropology Southeast Asian women; Indonesia; local level development; Ethnographic studies Islamic peoples Indonesia ACT 2007 Panel A Female
Richard Robison
Political science political economy, authoritarianism, oligarchy, Indonesia WA 2009 Panel A Male
Garry Rodan
Political science Political economy, state and civil society in Southeast Asia WA 2012 Panel A Male
John Rolfe
Economics Agricultural, environmental and resource economics QLD 2017 Panel B Male
Doreen Rosenthal
Psychology HIV/AIDS, sexuality, adolescence, gender, sexual health, sex education VIC 1998 Panel D Female
Iain Ross
Law and Legal Studies Tribunals – improving access and efficiency VIC 2019 Panel C Male
David Rowe
Sociology Culture, Sport, Media, Leisure, Nation and Globalisation NSW 2016 Panel A Male
Tim Rowse
History, Heritage And Archaeology Australia, Indigenous, Policy, Autobiography History ACT 2007 Panel C Male
Kim Rubenstein
Law and Legal Studies Citizenship, Nationality, Oral history, archives and law, Gender and the Constitution ACT 2018 Panel C Female
William Rubinstein
History, Heritage And Archaeology history; Britain post 1750; modern Jewish History VIC 1992 Panel C Male
Lynette Russell
History, Heritage And Archaeology Indigenous archaeology, colonial and imperial history VIC 2012 Panel C Female
Amin Saikal
Political science Politics, modern history, political economy, international relations of the Middle East and Central Asia, the role of political Islam in the Middle East and Central Asia, Iran, Afghanistan ACT 2013 Panel A Male
Matt Sanders
Psychology Parenting, Triple P, population-level change, self-regulation, child behaviour QLD 2016 Panel D Male
Penelope Sanderson
Psychology Human factors, cognitive engineering, engineering psychology, human-system integration, interface design. QLD 2004 Panel D Female
Ben Saul
Law and Legal Studies International law, counter-terrorism law, international humanitarian law, human rights, United Nations law NSW 2022 Panel C Male
Cheryl Saunders
Law and Legal Studies constitution, government, comparative, law, federal VIC 1994 Panel C Female
Peter Saunders
Economics poverty, inequality, social security, welfare state, income distribution NSW 1995 Panel B Male
Elizabeth Savage
Economics Applied microeconomics, health economics, public economics NSW 2018 Panel B Female
Marian Sawer
Political science liberalism, democratic representation, politics, women, policy. ACT 1996 Panel A Female
Sean Scalmer
History, Heritage And Archaeology Australian History, Labour History, Political History, Social Movements, Work, Democracy, Nonviolence VIC 2021 Panel C Male
Bruce Scates
History, Heritage And Archaeology History; historian; Australian New Zealand history; war; world war 1; Gallipoli VIC 2014 Panel C Male
Boris Schedvin
Economic history economics, history, money, higher education VIC 1987 Panel B Male
David Schlosberg
Political science Environmental Politics, Environmental/Climate Justice, Environmental Movements, Climate Adaptation/Resilience, Political Theory NSW 2019 Panel A Male
Steven Schwartz
Psychology higher education, admissions, health, pharmacoeconomics, policy, cost-effectiveness, decision making NSW 1991 Panel D Male
Tony Scott
Economics Health economics; Health policy evaluation; Primary care; Health systems; Health workforce VIC 2016 Panel B Male
Terri Seddon
Sociology Education VIC 2013 Panel A Female
Louise Sharpe
Psychology Clinical health psychology NSW 2017 Panel D Female
Sheila Shaver
Sociology social policy, social inequality, social benefits, gender, welfare state NSW 1998 Panel A Female
Peter Sheehan
Psychology Higher Education, Psychology, Censorship QLD 1978 Panel D Male
Rosemary Sheehan
Social work Child welfare and the law; mental health; corrections systems and women; youth offenders VIC 2021 Panel A Female
Peter Shergold
Economic history Education, Public Policy, Governance, Public Administration ACT 2005 Panel B Male
Brad Sherman
Law and Legal Studies Intellectual Property, legal history, food security QLD 2022 Panel C Male
Michael Shields
Economics Health Economics, Labour Economics, Applied Economics VIC 2020 Panel B Male
Ralph Shlomowitz
Economic history Economic history, demographic history, anthropometric history, history of health, coercive labour systems. SA 2004 Panel B Male
David Siddle
Psychology orienting, habituation, Pavlovian conditioning, psychopathology QLD 1991 Panel D Male
Derrick Silove
Health Sciences Refugee and postconflict mental health, Global Mental Health, Psychiatric Traumatology, Mental health of deprived and marginalized populations NSW 2018 Panel D Male
Roger Simnett
Accounting, auditing and accountability Accounting, Auditing, Accountability, Assurance, International Auditing Standards, Sustainability, IFAC NSW 2010 Panel B Male
Jane Simpson
Linguistics Linguistics, Australian Aboriginal languages, syntax, language policy, digital archiving, bilingual education, child language development, lexicography ACT 2020 Panel A Female
Helen Skouteris
Health Sciences Implementation science; Public health; Developmental, health and clinical psychology; Prevention research; Co-design; Knowledge translation; Women’s and children’s health (preconception, pregnancy, preschool, and childhood, including adolescence); Intervention mapping; Evidence synthesis; Longitudinal multi-factorial research; Social service and educational sector improvement that translates to better health and social outcomes; Equity; Social Justice. VIC 2023 Panel D Female
Virginia Slaughter
Psychology Developmental psychology; child development; infant development; social development; cognitive development QLD 2016 Panel D Female
Tom Smith
Accounting, auditing and accountability Finance NSW 2021 Panel B Male
Laurajane Smith
History, Heritage And Archaeology Heritage studies, museum studies, intangible heritage, cultural policy, heritage tourism, visitor studies, emotion/affect, memory studies. ACT 2016 Panel C Female
Robert Smith
Human geography Governance, management, leadership, internationalisation, executive recruitment QLD 1974 Panel A Male
Mike Smithson
Psychology Uncertainty, risk, decision, judgement, fuzzy logic, social dilemmas, statistical methods ACT 1998 Panel D Male
Russell Smyth
Economics Energy economics; Courts and judicial behaviour VIC 2022 Panel B Male
John Smyth
Sociology Education; Social justice VIC 2011 Panel A Male
Naomi Soderstrom
Accounting, auditing and accountability Management accounting, sustainability performance measurement, sustainability disclosures, performance measurement, compensation VIC 2017 Panel B Female
Geoff Soutar
Marketing Consumer behaviour; perceived value; personal values; word of mouth; innovation WA 2015 Panel B Male
Peter Spearritt
History, Heritage And Archaeology Urbanisation, water supply, metropolitan housing, transport, heritage assessment and greenspace provision QLD 1996 Panel C Male
Sue Spence
Psychology anxiety, depression, adolescence, prevention, mental health QLD 1995 Panel D Female
Fiona Stanley
Health Sciences child health, public health, epidemiology, Aboriginal health, social medicine. WA 1996 Panel D Female
David Stanton
Economics Public Administration, Social Research and Policy (social security, tax and transfers, poverty measurement, comparative studies). ACT 2017 Panel B Male
James Stellios
Law and Legal Studies Constitutional law, public law, private international law ACT 2023 Panel C Male
David Stern
Economics Energy economics, environmental economics, economic growth, research assessment ACT 2016 Panel B Male
Deborah Stevenson
Sociology City imaging; urban cultures; arts and cultural policy; gender and creative practice. NSW 2021 Panel A Female
Frank Stilwell
Political science Political economy, urban studies, economic policy. NSW 2001 Panel A Male
Bob Stimson
Human geography Urban and regional analysis, Human spatial behaviour, Regional science QLD 2007 Panel A Male
Diane Stone
Political science public policy and global governance OVERSEAS 2012 Panel A Male
Adrienne Stone
Law and Legal Studies Comparative Constitutional Law, Free Speech Law, Legal Theory. VIC 2017 Panel C Female
Julie Stout
Psychology Dementia; movement disorders; Huntington’s disease; cognitive assessment in clinical trials; cognitive neuroscience VIC 2018 Panel D Female
Carolyn Strange
History, Heritage And Archaeology Crime and Justice; Gender and Sexuality; Modern History; North American History; Australian History ACT 2016 Panel C Female
Deborah Street
Economics Discrete Choice Experiments, Quality of Life NSW 2022 Panel B Female
Julie Stubbs
Criminology Criminology, criminal justice, violence against women, gender NSW 2019 Panel A Female
Thomas Suddendorf
Psychology Comparative, Developmental and Evolutionary Psychology QLD 2020 Panel D Male
Peter Sutton
Anthropology Aboriginal societies; Aboriginal languages; indigenous art; indigenous policy; native title SA 2008 Panel A Male
Shurlee Swain
History, Heritage And Archaeology Welfare History, History of Childhood, Philanthropy, Charity, Comparative Indigenous History VIC 2007 Panel C Female
Joffre Swait
Marketing Goal-based choice, Choice set formation, Choice Modeling, Consumer Behaviour, Brand Equity OVERSEAS 2017 Panel B Male
Peter Swan
Economics corporate governance, agency theory, market microstructure, financial economics, finance, economics, security markets NSW 1997 Panel B Male
John Sweller
Education cognition, instructional design, learning, problem solving NSW 1993 Panel D Male
Marcus Taft
Psychology Psychology of language, Bilingualism, Reading, Lexical Memory, Asian Languages NSW 2008 Panel D Male
Philip Taylor
Anthropology Anthropology; Vietnam; ACT 2016 Panel A Male
Stephen Taylor
Accounting, auditing and accountability Financial reporting, capital markets, audit markets, corporate governance, corporate finance. NSW 2017 Panel B Male
John Taylor
Human geography Population Geography, Indigenous Studies, Demography, Public Policy; Applied Demography, Indigenous Policy, Social Indicators; Fourth World; Development Studies NSW 2013 Panel A Male
Maree Teesson
Psychology Public health, alcohol, substance misuse, epidemiology, treatment, mental health NSW 2015 Panel D Female
Chin-Liew Ten
Philosophy and Religious Studies Mill, liberty, toleration, punishment, law VIC 2000 Panel C Male
Deborah Terry
Psychology Psychology; social psychology; organisation and health WA 2003 Panel D Female
Alistair Thomson
History, Heritage And Archaeology Social and cultural history, oral history, memory studies, Australian history, life writing VIC 2014 Panel C Male
Margaret Thornton
Law and Legal Studies discrimination law & policy, legal education, feminist legal theory, corporatisation of universities ACT 1998 Panel C Female
David Throsby
Economics Economics of arts and culture, public economics, economics of sustainable development NSW 1988 Panel B Male
Marika Tiggemann
Psychology body image; sociocultural antecedents (particularly media) of weight, dieting and body image both adults and children SA 2011 Panel D Female
Matthew Tonts
Human geography Regional development; rural economies; economic development; regional and rural policy WA 2020 Panel A Male
Rabee Tourky
Economics Mathematical economics, econometrics, price theory, welfare economics, microeconomic education ACT 2016 Panel B Male
David Treagust
Education Science Education, Chemistry Education, Conceptual Change, Multiple Representations, Diagnostic Assessment WA 2019 Panel D Male
Carla Treloar
Health Sciences Social medicine; drug use; incarceration; community engagement; marginalisation NSW 2019 Panel D Female
Dennis Trewin
Econometric and statistical methods official statistics, surveys, evidence based decision making, superannuation VIC 2008 Panel B Male
Ken Trotman
Accounting, auditing and accountability accounting, auditing, assurance services, judgments NSW 1998 Panel B Male
Jakelin Troy
Linguistics Indigenous languages and cultures, Australia, Pakistan, Pacific, the Americas NSW 2022 Panel A Female
Jacqui True
Political science International relations; political science VIC 2015 Panel A Female
Darrell Turkington
Economics Econometrics; Statistics; Quantitative Economics; Mathematics. WA 2006 Panel B Male
Bryan Turner
Sociology citizenship,human rights, religion, sociological theory, sociology of religion NSW 1987 Panel A Male
Stephen Turnovsky
Economics macroeconomics, international economics, economic dynamics OVERSEAS 1976 Panel B Male
Christina Twomey
History, Heritage And Archaeology Australian history; history of photography; social and cultural history of war; concentration, internment and POW camps; Australia-Asia relations. VIC 2016 Panel C Female
Rod Tyers
Economics International economics, Economic modelling, Applied macroeconomics, Economic demography, China WA 2019 Panel B Male
Russell Tytler
Education Science Education, Student reasoning and learning in science, Science curriculum, School-community partnerships, Teacher learning and school change VIC 2017 Panel D Male
Farshid Vahid
Economics Econometrics VIC 2014 Panel B Male
Harald Van Heerde
Marketing Marketing, Econometrics, Branding, Advertising, Retailing, Pricing NSW 2022 Panel B Male
Robert van Krieken
Sociology history of the self, civilizing and decivilizing processes, genocide, childhood, sociology of law, history and sociology of celebrity NSW 2016 Panel A Male
Frans Verstraten
Psychology Experimental Psychology in Particular the Senses Cognitive Science and Applied Cognition Moving Observers and Adaptation to Changing Environmental Conditions Neuropsychological Foundations of Behaviour History of Psychology High Tech Solutions for the (Mental) Health Domain NSW 2021 Panel D Male
Rosalie Viney
Economics Health Economics, Health Policy, Quality of Life, Evaluation, Discrete Choice Experiments NSW 2016 Panel B Female
Ariadne Vromen
Political science Citizen engagement, governance, political sociology ACT 2020 Panel A Female
Tracey Wade
Psychology Eating disorders, anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, prevention, treatment SA 2015 Panel D Female
Gordon Waitt
Human geography Cultural geography, the everyday, vulnerabilities, sustainability, inequalities NSW 2019 Panel A Male
Judy Wajcman
Sociology gender, organisations, management and digital technology OVERSEAS 1997 Panel A Female
Catherine Waldby
Sociology Science studies, life sciences, biopolitics, medical sociology ACT 2010 Panel A Female
David Walker
History, Heritage And Archaeology Australian representations of Asia, history of books, publishing and reading in Australia. VIC;SA 2001 Panel C Male
Iain Wallace
Education hybrid systems; recurrent neural networks; evolutionary computation. VIC 1980 Panel D Male
Jim Walmsley
Human geography leisure, recreation, tourism, social well-being, community, regional development, quality of life, planning, futurology NSW 1994 Panel A Male
Maggie Walter
Sociology Sociology of Race; Methods and Methodologies; Inequality; Indigenous LifeWorlds; Indigenous Data TAS 2018 Panel A Female
Terry Walter
Accounting, auditing and accountability Finance; corporate finance; financial markets; empirical finance; financial economics, financial accounting NSW 2019 Panel B Male
James Walter
Political science politics, leadership, intellectuals, history, biography VIC 1997 Panel A Male
John Wanna
Political science public policy and administration ACT 2006 Panel A Male
Megan Warin
Anthropology Anthropology, food, eating disorders, obesity, epigenetics, developmental origins, gender, poverty SA 2020 Panel A Female
Peter Warr
Economics international economics; agricultural economic ACT 1997 Panel B Male
Richard Waterhouse
History, Heritage And Archaeology Rural history; Popular culture; Land settlement policy; Cultural transmissions; History of liberty; NSW 2006 Panel C Male
Malcolm Waters
Sociology globalisation, postmodernity, inequality, class, post-industrialism VIC 1997 Panel A Male
Jane Watson
Education Statistics Education, Mathematics Education, Professional Development of Teachers, Assessment, Cognitive Development TAS 2007 Panel D Female
Helen Watt
Education Motivation and engagement, educational and occupational choice, teachers, adolescents, STEM, gender, wellbeing, longitudinal, quantitative methods NSW 2021 Panel D Female
Rob Watts
Sociology Social policy; sociology of knowledge; ignorance; critical social theory; dissent; human rights; state crime; young people; inequality VIC 2020 Panel A Male
Don Weatherburn
Law and Legal Studies Crime Statistics; Drug law enforcement; Juvenile delinquency; Sentencing; Crime Prevention. NSW 2006 Panel C Male
Roy Webb
Economics microeconomic policy and international economics QLD 1986 Panel B Male
Michael Webber
Human geography development, China, environmental management VIC 1990 Panel A Male
Ron Weber
Accounting, auditing and accountability Information systems, conceptual modelling, computer control and audit, information systems management, research methods. QLD 2002 Panel B Male
Beth Webster
Economics Innovation; knowledge economics; firm performance VIC 2017 Panel B Female
Linda Weiss
Political science Economics; Political Science; Globalisation and governance; government-business relations; trade politics NSW 2004 Panel A Female
Patrick Weller
Political science Governance, civil servants, cabinet, international organisations QLD 1996 Panel A Male
Murray Wells
Accounting, auditing and accountability management, accounting, telecommunications, on-line education NSW 1984 Panel B Male
Fred Westbrook
Psychology Experimental Psychology, learning, memory, neural mechanisms, cellular processes. NSW 2002 Panel D Male
Mark Western
Sociology Political science; Sociology; social statistics; social policy; demography QLD 2011 Panel A Male
Stephen Wheatcroft
History, Heritage And Archaeology Russian and East European Economic and Social History; Demographic history of periods of crisis; Comparative History of Famines. VIC 2005 Panel C Male
Sarah Wheeler
Economics Water markets; water economics; climate change behaviour; climate change attitudes; Murray-Darling Basin SA 2020 Panel B Female
Kevin Wheldall
Psychology Educational psychology; Special education; Low-progress readers; Reading assessment; Classroom behaviour management. NSW 2006 Panel D Male
Hugh White
Political science Strategic Studies, International Relations, Australian Defence Policy, Australian Foreign Policy, Asia-Pacific Affairs ACT 2020 Panel A Male
Rob White
Criminology Criminology, youth studies, green criminology, juvenile justice, offender rehabilitation TAS 2014 Panel A Male
Richard White
Education science education, metacognition, research methods VIC 1989 Panel D Male
Peter Whiteford
Economics Social security; welfare; Income equality; redistribution; poverty ACT 2018 Panel B Male
Gillian Whitehouse
Political science Gender pay gap, gender egalitarian parental leave, precarious employment, gender regimes, employment rights QLD 2018 Panel A Female
Andrea Whittaker
Anthropology Medical anthropology; reproductive health; antimicrobial resistance; infertility; surrogacy; termination of pregnancy; assisted reproductive technologies VIC 2020 Panel A Female
Anna Wierzbicka
Linguistics semantics, cross-cultural communication, anthropological linguistics, theological linguistics, Australian English, Australian Culture ACT 1996 Panel A Female
Roger Wilkins
Economics Inequality, socio-economic disadvantage, labour markets, retirement VIC 2022 Panel B Male
Adrian Wilkinson
Human resources and industrial relations Human resource management , employee voice QLD 2015 Panel B Male
George Williams
Law and Legal Studies Teaching and researching in the field of Public Law; Constitutional Law Reform, Charters of Right and Human Rights Law, the High Court of Australia, Comparative Public Law, Electoral Law, Federalism and Anti-Terror Law NSW 2013 Panel C Male
Ross Williams
Economics performance indicators for universities, economics of education, federal-state finance VIC 1987 Panel B Male
Jenny Williams
Economics Economics of risky behaviour, substance use, crime, mental health, health economics VIC 2019 Panel B Female
Claire Williams
Sociology Sociology of work, service work, occupational health and safety, emotional labour, food studies SA 2019 Panel A Female
Nancy Williams
Anthropology Aboriginal land and sea tenure, Aboriginal resource management, Customary law QLD 1997 Panel A Female
Sarah Wilson
Psychology Cognitive and Music Neuroscience, Clinical Neuropsychology VIC 2020 Panel D Female
Glenn Withers
Economics Applied economics and public policy ACT 1988 Panel B Male
John Wong
History, Heritage And Archaeology Modern Chinese history, international history, international relations. NSW 2001 Panel C Male
Robert Wood
Strategy, management and organisational behaviour Applied psychology; Learning; Problem solving; Simulation; Motivation. VIC 2006 Panel B Male
Mark Wooden
Economics Labour economics, Industrial Relations, Panel survey methods and statistics, Australian labour market, Longitudinal surveys VIC 2010 Panel B Male
Alan Woodland
Economics International trade, econometrics, welfare, trade policy, retirement. NSW 1985 Panel B Male
Angela Woollacott
History, Heritage And Archaeology Australia, British Empire, Gender, Race, Colonialism, political and cultural history, biography, transnational history. ACT 2006 Panel C Female
Johanna Wyn
Sociology Youth VIC 2012 Panel A Female
Yi-chong Xu
Political science Nuclear energy, electricity, political economy, international organisations QLD 2018 Panel A Female
Lyn Yates
Education curriculum, education policy, higher education, gender, inequality VIC 2009 Panel D Female
Anna Yeatman
Political science Political and social thought; public life and human rights; institutional design TAS 2001 Panel A Female
Mike Young
Economics Economic, environment, agriculture, resource, biodiversity, rights, water SA 1998 Panel B Male
Christabel Young
Demography Demography, Australia, family, population, labour force ACT 1994 Panel A Female
Michael Young
Anthropology Melanesian anthropology (PNG and Vanuatu); the biography of Bronislaw Malinowski ACT 1989 Panel A Male
Yves Zenou
Economics Networks, cities, immigrants, crime, gender. VIC 2019 Panel B Male
Steve Zubrick
Psychology Child development; Child and adolescent mental health; Longitudinal surveys; Data linkage; Indigenous child development WA 2017 Panel D Male