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Seriously Social helps you understand your world. Each week listen to in depth, intelligent insights from Australia’s best social scientists. We talk human society, our social relationships and the world in transition. Brought to you by the Academy of the Social Sciences in Australia.


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SEASON 3: Understand your world

S3E1 – Visual politics: Professor Roland Bleiker on how images stick with us (12 October 2020)

SEASON 2: Understanding our world in transition 

S2E1 – Mental wealth: How we fix the national crisis (20 July 2020) with Professor Ian Hickie.

S2E2 – Mental wealth (part 2): How we fix the national crisis (27 July 2020) with Professor Pat McGorry.

S2E3 – Artificial Intelligence: building a new way of thinking (3 August 2020) with Professor Genevieve Bell.

S2E4 – The good fight: Allan Fels on fairness, mental health and why CEOs get paid so much (and shouldn’t).

S2E5 – Wicked problems: Fiona Stanley on how to create a society we actually want.

S2E6 – Educating for an uncertain future: Peter Shergold on Australia’s education sector.

S2E7 – Stigma and Suicide: Jane Pirkis on the mental health of men.

S2E8 – Working from home: blessing or curse? Professor Sharon Parker has the answers (and yes, there’s more than one).

S2E9 – Symbolism and sentiment: Professor Megan Davis on the representation of Indigenous and Torres Strait Islander people in Australia.

S2E10 – RECESSION-19: Ross Gittins on why this recession is different.

We’re taking a short break between seasons but don’t worry – Season 3 launches 12 October.


SEASON 1: Life under COVID-19.

S1E1 – Spanish Flu to Social Distancing: What can history teach us about the pandemic?

S1E2 – Gender and the pandemic.

S1E3 – Money fight: Public health vs the economy.

S1E4 – Planes, trains and a whole lot of pain: Tourism and COVID-19

S1E5 – Generation COVID.

S1E6 – Menace or Saviour? Artificial Intelligence and coronavirus.

S1E7 – Indigenous Might VS COVID.

S1E8 – How the virus made politics mutate.

S1E9 – Hugh Mackay: How COVID rebooted compassion and community.

S1E10 – The domestic battleground created by a pandemic.

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