BSc (Hons I, Mathematical Statistics) (Sydney), MSc (ANU) DPhil (Oxford), Docteur Honoris Causa (Universite Catholique de Louvain), Hon DSc (University of Glasgow), DSc Honoris Causa (Sydney), Doctor Honoris Causa (Universidad de Cantabria), FAA, FAustMS, FRS, CorrFRSE
(Deceased), 2016-09-01
Econometric and statistical methods

Fellowships and awards:

1974: University Medal, University of Sydney

1974: CSIRO Postgraduate Studentship

1974-6: Senior Hulme (Overseas) Scholarship to Brasenose College, Oxford

1984: Fellowship of Institute of Mathematical Statistics

1986: Australian Mathematical Society Medal

1986: Rollo Davidson Prize, University of Cambridge

1987: Edgeworth David Medal, Royal Society of New South Wales

1987: Fellow, Australian Academy of Science

1989: Lyle Medal, Australian Academy of Science

1989: Honorary Fellow, Royal Statistical Society

1989: Committee of Presidents of Statistical Societies Award

1990: Honorary Fellow, CSIRO Division of Mathematics and Statistics

1990: Pitman Medal, Statistical Society of Australia

1992: Special Investigator Award, Australian Research Council

(Renewed 1995)

1995: Hannan Medal, Australian Academy of Science

1996: Fellow, American Statistical Association

2000: Fellow, Royal Society of London

2001: Centenary Medal

2002: Corresponding Fellow, Royal Society of Edinburgh

2002: American Statistical Association award for outstanding paper

on statistical applications

2002: Australian Professorial Fellowship, Australian Research Council

(Renewed 2005)

2006: Matthew Flinders Medal and Lecture, Australian Academy of Science

2006-11: Federation Fellowship, Australian Research Council

2007: American Statistical Association Gottfried E. Noether Senior Researcher

Award for outstanding contributions to nonparametric statistics

2008: Distinguished Achievement Award, International Chinese Statistical


2009: Moyal Medal, Macquarie University

2009: Challis Award and Lectures, University of Florida

2010: Szekeres Medal, Australian Mathematical Society

2011: Guy Medal in Silver, Royal Statistical Society

2012-17: Laureate Fellowship, Australian Research Council

2012: Samuel S. Wilks Memorial Medal, American Statistical Association

2013: Officer of the Order of Australia

2015: Fellow, Academy of the Social Sciences in Australia

Membership of learned societies:

American Statistical Association, Australian Academy of Science, Australian Mathematical Society, Bernoulli Society, Institute of Mathematical Statistics, International Chinese Statistical Association, Royal Society of London, Royal Statistical Society, Statistical Society of Australia.

Achieving near-perfect classification for functional data (with A Delaigle), Journal of the Royal Statistical Society, Series B, Volume 74, 267-286 (2012)

A simple bootstrap method for constructing nonparametric confidence bands for functions (with J Horowitz), The Annals of Statistics, Volume 41, 1892-1921 (2013)

Split sample methods for constructing confidence intervals for binomial and Poisson parameters (with G Decrouez), Journal of the Royal Statistical Society, Series B, Volume 76, 949-975 (2014)

Double-bootstrap methods that use a single double-bootstrap simulation (with J Chang), Biometrika, Volume 102, 203-214 (2015)

Methodology for nonparametric deconvolution when the error distribution is unknown (with A Delaigle), Journal of the Royal Statistical Society, Series B, to appear