BEc (Hons), DipEd, PhD (Sydney)
Strategy, management and organisational behaviour

Professor MARIAN BAIRD is Director of the Women and Research Group and Professor of Gender and Employment Relations Group in the University of Sydney Business School. Professor Baird’s expertise is in studying women and work over the life course. She specializes in research that has policy impact and relevance. Professor Baird has undertaken major research projects analysing women and leadership, evaluating Australia’s paid parental leave scheme and organisational responses to the changing gender and age demographics of the workforce. She is currently co-editing an innovative book on women, work and care in the Asia-Pacific. She is joint editor-in-chief of the Journal of Industrial Relations, President of the Industrial Relations Society of NSW and a Fellow of the University of Sydney Senate.

The Australian Labour and Employment Relations Society;

The International Labour and Employment Relations Society;

The Australian Human Resources Institute.

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