BEc (Monash), PhD (Harvard)


Peter B. Dixon is Sir John Monash Distinguished Professor in the Centre of Policy Studies, Monash University, Clayton Campus. His best known work is in economy-wide modelling.

With B.R. Parmenter and other colleagues he created the ORANI model of the Australian economy. With M.T. Rimmer he developed MONASH, a successor to ORANI, capable of forecasting and dynamic policy analysis. In recent years he and M.T. Rimmer, together with the U.S. International Trade Commission, have developed the USAGE model of the U.S. which is now in constant use in Washington DC by several Departments of the U.S. government. Apart from economic modelling, Professor Dixon's other areas of interest are:

  • macroeconomic policy and the general outlook
  • technological change
  • the measurement of adjustment costs associated with microeconomic reform.

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