BCom (Newcastle), Hon DLitt (Macquarie), Hon DSc (Economics) (Sydney), FCA, FRSN

In my 40 years as an economic columnist on The Sydney Morning Herald and, later, The Age, I have striven to describe developments in the economy and explain changes in economic policy in language understandable to my readers. I seek to simplify without oversimplifying. I put economic policy measures in their political context, while often revealing the economy theories underlying those measures, as well as any empirical evidence relevant to their likely effectiveness. In this I have drawn heavily on the publications of many bureaucratic and academic economists, as well as personal communications.

Fellow, Chartered Accountants ANZ; FRSN,

Citibank Pan Asian Award for excellence in financial journalism (1992)

Centenary Medal (2001)

Honorary life member, Australian Business Economists (2003)

Member of Order of Australia for services to journalism as an economic commentator (2008)

Alumni Award for Leadership (National), University of Newcastle (2009)

Honorary doctor of letters from Macquarie University (2011)

Honorary doctor of science in economics from University of Sydney (2012)

Eminent Visiting Fellow in the practice of economics, Research School of Economics, Australian National University (2015)

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