Dip Soc Studs, BA (hons), PhD (Melbourne)
History, Heritage And Archaeology

Professor Shurlee Swain is a professor of Australian Catholic University, and a Senior Research fellow in the School of Historical Studies at the University of Melbourne. She is a historian specialising in the areas of Australian social history, with expertise in the areas of religious, women's, children's and welfare history.

  • consultant historian to various welfare organisations producing institutional histories and to the Women Shaping the Nation Project
  • co-editor Australian Historical Studies; and a member of the Editorial Board of H-Childhood.

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  • Swain, S. (2007) Negotiating poverty: women and charity in Nineteenth Century Melbourne, Women's History Review, 16(1): 99-112.
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  • Swain, S. (2005) Maids and mothers: domestic servants and illegitimacy in 19th Century Australia, History of the Family, 10(4): 461-72.
  • Evans, J., Grimshaw, P., Philips, D. and Swain, S. (2003) Equal Subjects, Unequal Rights: Indigenous Peoples in British Settler Colonies, 1830's-1910. Manchester: Manchester University Press.