BSc (Otago University), MSc (University of Canterbury), PhD (Sheffield University)

Strategy, management and organisational behaviour

Professor John Cordery became Provost at Curtin University in 2015. Prior to this, he was Professor of Management within the Business School at the University of Western Australia, where he had also served as Chair of the Academic Board. He has an undergraduate degree in Psychology from the University of Otago, a Masters degree in Industrial/Organisational Psychology from the University of Canterbury, and a PhD in Psychology from the University of Sheffield. 

Professor Cordery’s research focuses on the problem of how to design meaningful, healthy and productive ways of working in organisations, particularly in the context of technological and social change. In general terms, his research has sought to demonstrate the psychological and organisational benefits of organising work in ways that preserve and enhance employee decision-making autonomy and opportunities for skill development and use, both within individual jobs and as part of team working. His research has helped to inform industry as to the most effective ways to design and support flexible team-based working, with a focus on determining and refining principles of work design as applied to teams in organisations and the requisite approaches to external leadership of such teams. Recently, his research has focused on the impact of emergent forms of work design that have been enabled by advances in digital technology and communication, such as global communities of practice.

Provost, Curtin University, 2015 - ongoing

Chair of Academic Board, University of Western Australia, 2013-2014

Professor of Management, University of Western Australia Business School, 1997-2015

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