BA/LLM (with university Medal) (UNSW); LLM, SJD (Harvard Law)

Law and Legal Studies

Rosalind Dixon is a Professor of Law, at the University of New South Wales, Faculty of Law, whose work focuses on comparative constitutional law and constitutional design, constitutional democracy, theories of constitutional dialogue and amendment, socio-economic rights and constitutional law and gender, and has been published in leading journals in the US, Canada, the UK and Australia, including the Chicago Law Review, Cornell Law Review, GW Law Review, University of Pennsylvania Journal of Constitutional Law, International Journal of Constitutional Law, American Journal of Comparative Law, Osgoode Hall Law Journal, Oxford Journal of Legal Studies, Federal Law Review and Sydney Law Review. She is co-editor, with Tom Ginsburg, of a leading handbook on comparative constitutional law, Comparative Constitutional Law (Edward Elgar, 2011), and related volumes on Comparative Constitutional Law in Asia (Edward Elgar, 2014) and Comparative Constitutional Law in Latin America (Edward Elgar, 2017), co-editor (with Mark Tushnet and Susan Rose-Ackermann) of the Edward Elgar series on Constitutional and Administrative Law, on the editorial board of the International Journal of Constitutional Law, Revista Estudos Institucionais, Public Law Review, and editor of the Constitutions of the World series for Hart Publishing. Dixon is a Manos Research Fellow, Director of the Gilbert + Tobin Centre of Public Law, Deputy Director of the Herbert Smith Freehills Initiative on Law and Economics, Co-Director of the UNSW New Economic Equality Initiative (NEEI), and academic co-lead of the Grand Challenge on Inequality at UNSW. She previously served as an assistant professor at the University of Chicago Law School, and has been a visiting professor at the University of Chicago, Columbia Law School, Harvard Law School and the National University of Singapore. She was recently elected as co-president of the International Society of Public Law:

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5. Dixon, R, 2017 ‘The Functional Constitution: Re-Reading the 2014 High Court Term’, 43 Federal Law 456 (2015) (subject of mini-symposium published in same volume)