PhD (Pennsylvania State)

Strategy, management and organisational behaviour

Mark Griffin is Director of the Future of Work Institute at Curtin University, Western Australia. Mark’s research examines the link between individual and organisational capability in areas such as safety, leadership, well-being, and productivity. He has conducted large-scale collaborative projects with a range of industries including transport, health, education, energy, mining, and finance. He has developed assessment tools for use in these industries across Australia, Europe, UK, US, and Asia using multilevel and longitudinal data.

Mark is currently Associate Editor for the Journal of Applied Psychology, previous Associate Editor of Journal of Management, and founding Associate Editor of Organizational Psychology Review. He is a Fellow of the US Society for Industrial/Organizational Psychology, Past Chair of the Research Methods Division of the US Academy of Management, and past recipient of an Australian Research Council Future Fellowship.

Fellow of the US Society for Industrial/Organizational Psychology

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