BSc (Southampton), Grad Dip Higher Ed (Sydney), PhD (Reading)
Political science

Frank Stilwell is Emeritus Professor in the Department of Political Economy, the University of Sydney. He is the coordinating editor of the Journal of Australian Political Economy. He is a prominent figure in the critique of orthodox economic analysis and policy and in the development of political economic alternatives.

Among the topics covered in his many books and articles are;

  • urban and regional development
  • economic inequality
  • Australian economic policy
  • the contest of political economic ideas

  • G. Argyrous and F. Stilwell (eds) (2003) Economics as a Social Science; Readings in Political Economy. Sydney: Pluto Press.
  • F. Stilwell (2002) Political Economy: the Contest of Economic Ideas. Melbourne: Oxford.
  • F. Stilwell (2000) Changing Track: a New Political Economic Direction for Australia. Sydney: Pluto Press.