The Academy of the Social Sciences in Australia (ASSA) is an independent, interdisciplinary body of elected Fellows. Fellowship of the Academy of Social Sciences (FASSA) is an honour conferred for scholarly distinction in research or the advancement of social sciences.

The Academy has also made provision for the nomination of Honorary Fellows to the Academy aimed at honoring individuals who are recognized for their exemplary achievements but not necessarily in academia.

There are 651 elected Fellows (including 26 overseas Fellows and 15 Honorary Fellows) of the Academy of the Social Sciences in Australia.

The Academy is composed of four Panels of Fellows, each including several disciplines:

Panel A: Anthropology, Demography, Geography, Linguistics, Sociology, Management.
Panel B: Accounting, Economics, Economic History, Marketing, Statistics.
Panel C: History, Law, Philosophy, Political Science.
Panel D: Education, Psychology, Social Medicine.