magnifying glass 1607208 192028 Fellows of the Academy of the Social Sciences are among the recipients of the prestigious Discovery grants, announced on 24 November, 2022 by ARC CEO Judi Zielke PSM.

The recipients, each leading or participating in teams of researchers around the country, are:

  • Professor Mandy Cheng FASSA and Professor Ken Trotman FASSA working together on a project to understand how environmental, social and governance (ESG) information influences organisational decision making.
  • Professor Rick Richardson FASSA researching the influence of peer groups on fear inhibition among adolescent rats
  • Professor Yin Paradies FASSA investigating online anti-racism strategies for Australia
  • Professor John Taylor FASSA leading a team seeking to transform research, policy and practice around trust in medicine in the Pacific Islands
  • Professor Craig Jeffrey FAHA FASSA leading a project on student food insecurity and youth agency in Australia
  • Professor Roger Simnett AO FASSA leading a project evaluating assurance practices for corporate sustainability reporting
  • Professor Sandra Eades AO FASSA FAHMS investigating early-intervention approaches for families with multiple and complex needs
  • Professor Martine Powell FASSA leading a project to understand the memory processes involved in retention and retrieval of specific events
  • Professor Russell Tytler FASSA leading a project on enhancing climate change education in schools
  • Professor Wayan Arka FASSA leading a project on the languages of the Barrier Islands in Sumatra
  • Professor Peter Danaher FASSA contributing a project on insights that can be gleaned by businesses from unstructured customer data
  • Professor Robert Faff FASSA developing new models to understand price discovery in volatile markets.
  • Professor Michael Shields FASSA leading a project on the health and employment characteristics of front-line workers in Australia.
  • Professor Garrett Cullity FAHA FASSA leading a project on the ethics of net-zero emissions targets
  • Professor Alan Petersen FASSA leading a project to understand the role of digital technologies to address loneliness
  • Professor Kevin Fox FASSA working with colleagues to understand the effects of offshored advanced manufacturing on productivity and economic growth.
  • Professor Andrew Goldsmith FASSA on a project to tackle supply and use of crystal methamphetamine in rural and regional Australia
  • Professor Vera Mackie FASSA working with colleagues to understand how archives and museums collect and catalogue historical information on social movements in the digital age
  • Professor Julie Henry FASSA leading a project to understand prospective (planned) remembering in everyday life
  • Professor Larissa Behrendt AO FASSA leading a project to draw and apply policy lessons from the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Commission to self-determination and Indigenous policy
  • Professor Adrian Wilkinson FASSA working with colleagues to understand the evolution of employee voice in times of social change
  • Professor John Freebairn AO FASSA as part of a team working to develop new models for Federal fiscal policy and GST distribution
  • Professor Peng Bi FASSA leading a project that will map vulnerability of older Australians to climate-change related extreme heat events
  • Professor Frederik Anseel FASSA working with colleagues to understand employee well-being and productivity under performance management systems
  • Professor Martin Mills FASSA leading a project to develop solutions to teacher shortage in ‘hard-to-staff’ schools
  • Professor Michael Platow FASSA working on a project leading a project aiming to understand how people determine whether or not information is true
  • Professor Andrew May FASSA working with colleagues to document and explore threatened megalithic cultural artifacts in Laos and India

478 projects received over $221 million funding in total in the 2022 Discovery Project round. The projects led by Academy Fellows were among 106 projects funded in the social science disciplines (more information available on the ARC website)

The Academy congratulates these Fellows and all of the researchers who were successful in this funding round.