Whether it’s “low fat, no fat, full cream, high calcium, high protein, soy, light, skim, omega 3, high calcium with vitamin D and folate or extra dollop”, how can consumers tell if the health claims made on food labels are genuine?

In our latest episode of Seriously Social, host Ginger Gorman delves into the world of plant-based meats, discussing their growing popularity amongst consumers and the implications of these products for food regulators. The episode sheds light on the challenges faced by consumers when navigating the supermarket aisles:  as many “health” products make varied and sometimes conflicting nutritional claims, who should bear the responsibility for verifying those claims?

Professor Christine Parker, Academy Fellow and expert in food regulations raises important questions about the definition of food and the impact of these meat analogues on our diets and food systems. She raises the point that while Australia’s food standards do not consider broader issues such as sustainability and ethics, consumers are increasingly seeking transparency and information regarding the environmental footprint of their food choices.

As the demand for plant-based meats continues to rise, the time may be ripe for policymakers to consider incorporating sustainability and ethical concerns into food regulations. Listen here: https://seriouslysocial.org.au/podcasts/health-halo/