HECS-style loans could help reduce the economic shock of COVID-19


The Government’s economic stimulus package will provide much needed relief to the many Australians affected by Covid-19. When more is required, this proposal from Academy Fellows for HECS-style loans to individuals and businesses will allow further financial assistance without impact on the budget bottom-line.

Professor Bruce Chapman is an economist and has worked at The Australian National University since 1984, and been a Fellow of the Australian Academy of the Social Sciences since 1993. He has worked on contingent-style loans for over twenty years, including the initial design of the Australian HECS system. Professor Linda Botterill is the Head of School of Government & Policy at the University of Canberra, and has been a Fellow of the Australian Academy of the Social Sciences since 2015. They have worked with other Fellows of the Academy to explore how “HECS-style” loans could help the economic shock of COVID-19.

Read: Professor Bruce Chapman’s commentary in the Sydney Morning Herald (19 March, 2020).

Read: An article by Bruce Chapman, John Piggott and Madeline Dunk on how income-contingent loans could be used to extend the JobKeeper scheme (Australian Financial Review, 13 March, 2020).

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Read: Academy Fellows Professors Bruce Chapman, Linda Botterill, Glenn Withers and Warwick McKibbin  explain how giving money now for people/businesses to pay back later could work (from The Conversation – 30 March, 2020).

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Watch: Academy Fellows Professor Bruce Chapman and Professor Linda Botterill discussing how income contingent loans could assist Australia.

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